Hi everyone!
It's Savvy & as the year begins to come to a close, I am excited to talk about my favorites books I've read this year.
I hope you enjoy

A Court of Silver Flames
| Sarah J Maas
| Fantasy Romance
| 4th Book, 757 pages

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Literally there's nothing I can say that you haven't heard about this series before, so just go and read it if you haven't already
Guys I read a 757 page book in 3 days
Literally the best book I've read all year
Admittedly there were some side plots (if you've talked about this book with me then you know my thoughts on the matter) that I feel as though shouldn't have been in here but it didn't stop me from easily rating five stars and becoming one of my all time favs so that says something

From Blood & Ash
| Jennifer L. Armentrout
| Fantasy Romance
| 1st Book, 613 pages

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Perfect for if you're in the mood for a "forbidden" and "awakening" type of romance read
Made me upset at some points, the rest of the series is definitely better

A Kingdom of Flesh & Fire
| Jennifer L. Armentrout
| Fantasy Romance
| 2nd Book, 637 pages

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Read this book in 2 days, literally one of those books you can't put down
Love the characters

The Crown of Gilded Bones
| Jennifer L. Armentrout
| Fantasy Romance
| 3rd Book, 645 pages

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Ending broke my heart & I won't make it til March
Sooo smexy mmm

The Song of Achilles
| Madeline Miller
| Greek Mythology
| Standalone, 352 pages

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Extremely sad and poetic, minimalistic writing style
Admittedly over-hyped
Author spent more time trying to shove what she thought were cool quotes in the book than actually building a plot

Catwoman: Soulstealer
| Sarah J Maas
| DC Retelling
| 3rd Book, 384 pages

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This book was amazing seriously SJM never dissapoints
Main female character was such a badass PLZ

The Silent Patient
| Alex Michealides
| Psychological Thriller
| Standalone, 325 pages

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The ending was finaminal and I didn't see it coming
Otherwise the book admittedly dragged on
This article is Part 1 in my series of '2021 Books', expect an article on the worst books I've read in 2021 to come soon

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