hello, i am back with another autumn related article

hope you enjoy it!


sit by the fireplace inside or have a bonfire outside?

fire, forest, and nature image autumn, camping, and fireplace image
for me it is probably sit by bonfire outside, because in my family house we do not have fireplace, even thought it would be so cozy.

apple cider or pumpkin spice latte?

fall, autumn, and apple image Halloween, autumn, and bottle image
definitely apple cider, because I do not like pumpkin spice latte. I tried psl for the first time this year and I was very strange and even heavy flavor for me. I was hard to finish the drink, but the more I drank the more I got used to it.

roast chestnuts or marshmallows?

autumn, fall, and Halloween image fire, marshmallow, and autumn image
I never tried roasted chestnuts before, so it is roasted marshmallow’s for me.

cosy blankets or pillows?

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I prefer blankets over pillows. I got this super warm and cozy blanket two years ago as a Christmas present, but it is also perfect for autumn.

hot chocolate or hot coffee?

autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn image
I stopped like coffee not so long ago, but I cannot drink regular cow milk, because I do not tolerate lactose, but I would still choose hot chocolate, even thought lactose-free milk taste kind of weird when it is warm.

apple pie or pumpkin pie?

pie image Apple Pie, tasty, and autumn image
I like both, but I would chose apple pie. apple pie gives me such a nostalgia.

cinnamon rolls or caramel apples?

food and yummy image Image by lena fox
cinnamon rolls. i never tried caramel apple and I am not sure if I would like it.

turtlenecks or scarves?

Burberry and scarf image autumn, fall, and coffee image
I do not really like turtlenecks so scarves for me.

candles or fairy lights?

autumn, fall, and light image autumn, fall, and candle image
I love smell of candles but I also have fairy lights in my room.

rainy or windy nights?

Image by lena fox Image by Inês
I love both. especially when it is raining, and it is windy at the same time.

sweaters or cardigans?

autumn, fall, and fashion image coffee, autumn, and fall image
I like to wear sweaters when I go out or to school, but when im home I prefer cardigans.


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