Guess who's back? Me! And also, school :/
For me, it started a week ago, so I wanted to write some back to school articles, hope you enjoy :)
So, I, myself am a very lazy person, that's exactly why I end up stressing over my homework and tests. Every. Single. Year.
So this year I decided that I'm actually going to do something different. I asked my friends, I read some articles and I browsed pinterest. And I realised that it's not hard at all. The best thing that I can advise you to do is to stop procrascinating. It's the little things that count.

Get out of the bed every morning at the same time.

Image by Leregi Renga
I know it must be hard for you to do this, especially now when the weather is awful and all you want to do is lay in bed all day. But motivate yourself. If you do get out of the bed, you are more likely to study on time.

Plan your studying.

coffee, desk, and study image
When you know what to study and when to study you are less likely to procrascinate and more likely to actually sit down and do it. I love to have everything planned, that's how I make sure that I can't miss anything. I have everything in my planner; from tests dates to homework that the teacher gave us that day. If I know what I have to study everyday to be ready, I don't stress.

Take notes!

study and school image
I love taking notes. It makes me feel so organized! My English professor once said, if the lecture is boring and you can't focus write everything that that professor is telling you even if you don't have to. That way you are going to focus. Make your notes look nice by using highlighters, different forms of text or some doodles. You can look it up on Pinterest.


relax and girl image
Read it once and than repeat it twice. Do this 4 times in a row. Revise not until you get it right but until you can't get it wrong.

Sleep well and eat well.

food, bread, and bakery image
You will have more energy and you will feel better.

These are just some of the tips I can give you, which helped me so much. I do all of these and they are very very important for me, I hope they help you too!
Thanks for reading,
alis <3