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“You can’t do that!”

“It’s just going to be until Easter.”

“With all due respect ma’am…”

“Excuse you sir, but who do you think you are?”


The twins shared a look as they snuck on their parents and grandmother arguing with each other, completely unaware of them being present in the shadows.

“You must understand that in this household you are not the matriarch.” Nöelle sternly declared. “You are but a mere guest and so you will respect your hosts.”

“Oh please, who are you to talk to me about respect?” Theresia scoffed back with a glare. “I am merely treating you lot how you deserve.”

“Marcos had nothing to do with that!”

“But he was the one to snatch you from France.”

“This isn’t about you or her, this is about our children and your selfish wishes.” Marcos interrupted.

“Is it truly selfish of me to want to introduce them to my kin?”

“It is if you want to use them as your heirs after being so indignated of their roots!”

There was a short silence after Marcos’ outburst and not even five minutes later, the argument continued with renewed force. It was then that the teenagers took their chance and stealthily left the house to a park.

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They spoke nothing as they walked, each mentally processing what they had just witnessed and thinking of what it would mean for them, but as soon as they were in the park their attention was snapped to a little boy who had run to the girl, eagerly screaming her name. Louis merely stood there awkwardly watching the little boy be lifted by his sister who then showered the little one with kisses all over his chubby face, letting out giggles of joy despite the oldest’s confusion.

“Ly it tickles!” The boy cheerfully said between laughs.

“Adorable as usual Jean.” The brunette replied with a smile before putting the boy down and crouching to his height. “Now, where is your brother?”

In perfect timing a young man ran past them, looking terrified until he noticed the boy and backtracked to them. His face morphing to anger and then to surprise when he saw who was holding the boy.

“Amélie?” The ginger enquired with shock. “When did you arrive?”

“Hello Graham, had troubles with Jean again?”

“No… He was just being a brat today.” The man sighed before his emerald gaze fell upon Louis. “Is that your twin?”

“Oh! Boy Ly-ly!” The little blonde cooed as he removed his hand from the girl’s grip and raised both towards her brother, indirectly asking to be held.

“Yes, my name’s Louis, nice to meet you.” The young man introduced himself to the other as he lifted the child, the incredulous look that the other had for a second not going unnoticed by him, who tried not to let it show. “How did you two meet?”

“Ly-ly was my nanny!” Said the boy, catching everyone’s attention, his tiny face conveying his excitement and a hint of admiration before he smiled cheerfully at the oldest twin as he continued. “And she was right! You are handsome.”

“She said that?” Louis asked in disbelief, though the child did not notice.

“Yes, and that you are her hero.”

You are her hero!
"Am I though?"
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Panic began to flow from the brunet’s pores as he replayed that morning in his head, wondering if it was what he should have deserved for being as awful as he had been for years. He then felt his eyes begin to water as the urgently loosened up his tie and messied his previously sleek hair, his coat left discarded beside the sink as he panted, his eyes moving towards his dishevelled figure, completely unable to hide the shock and anxiousness of what he had just lived brought.

Naive, that’s what he had been.

“Louis?” asked tentatively a man, approaching as though he was trying not to scare a frightened deer. “She needs you, though she won’t admit it, we both know that your sister is a walking grenade mere seconds of blowing.”

The brown-haired boy jumped on his place when he saw the black-haired man appear right behind him in the mirror’s reflection, not noticing how he had carefully made his way until he was behind him.

“She will be safe with you.”

“Do you really want to leave your twin in the hands of a man who you have barely heard of?” he continued sighing shortly after before turning the almost-two-years-younger male so that he would face him. “Look, I will be leaving Vienna tonight for Catachan, feel free to join me at the Grand Station if you want.”

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“Why are you helping us Magnus?” Louis barely mumbled as he pushed the bigger man away from him, taking a deep breath to recompose himself.

“Because I know how it feels to be pressured into a position like yours.” Their fellow Hearthstone student replied before he silently left the restroom, leaving the Spaniard alone to collect himself, wondering how was it that he could have let all of that pressure to fall on her when he could have stepped in and try to work something out as soon as he had first noticed it.

Though, unbeknownst to him, their grandmother wanting to place them into the spectrum of having to carry their family name on their backs in the least unconventional way, was the least of his sister’s worries.

- 11:00hrs, earlier that day. Vienna, Austria.”

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“Hello?” a female voice.

“Ines and Edward are hiking?”

There was silence on the other side on the line for a couple of seconds before Amélie heard a reply.

“In Austria, Monaco or Hungary?”

“Joder* Fran, I don’t think that I will survive much longer.” Amélie practically wheeped on the phone as she rested her coat on top of the phone, already exasperated with it.

“Cálmate.*” Theodora replied with an almost perfect Spanish, the smirk evident even through the other side of the line. “What’s wrong?”

“The psycho grandma decided to show herself and dragged us all the way to Austria to basically offer us to a banquet of the aristocracy.” The Spaniard continued as she rubbed the bridge of her nose in annoyance, a couple of curses being left out before she finally cussed out loud. “Puta desgraciada, la odio con mi vida.*”

Realising how much she had missed the daily conversations, Theodora busted out laughing strepitously, glad that she was alone in the huge manor in London as she slid down to the floor with the phone on her lap, hearing vaguely the barrage of complaints that her friend was letting out... And though she would not admit it out loud, she was happy to be able to hear the youngest’s voice.

“And that is an emergency because...?” asked the Italian when she was finally able to catch her breath.

“Because I can’t take a break of high heels and tons of hair spray, I hate that I can’t even have five minutes for myself and that everywhere I turn around I have someone waiting for my instructions.”

“And in regards to the other situation?”

“Lou found a hidden door but could not pry any further because he needed a key, one that we figured she had on her.”

“Cazzo.*” the brunette heard clearly, tearing out a small smile from her. “And what are you going to do about that?”

“Pray that I have time to check how much of a heavy sleeper she is?”

“Tatiana!” Theodora reprimanded her with her code name.

“Ok, I haven’t thought of it yet.”

“Cosa farò con te?*”

“Just trust in me, everything’s going to be alright.”

“Classic last words.”


“Just keep me updated, will you?”

“For sure... Miss you.”

And before Theodora could reply, Amélie hung up and walked towards the black car waiting for her across the street, standing up tall and holding her head up high so that nobody would dare give her a bad time.

She knew that despite her threatening aura, she was likely to have problems anyhow, but for the time being, she settled for giving her grandmother what she wanted: the perfect high-born young lady that she had always hoped for, because in doing so, she was guaranteed leniency and at least some space, which was more than what her brother was currently receiving.

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She knew her cards well, and she was never one to back down from a tough game without causing her opponent some misery first.

“Is everything all right Miss?”

“Yes George, we can take our leave now.”

“As you wish Miss.”



Joder. Fuck.
Cálmate. Calm down.
Puta desgraciada, la odio con mi vida. Wretched bitch, I hate her with my life.


Cazzo. Fuck.
Cosa farò con te? What am I going to do with you?

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