Dedicated to goddesses who want to have fun with their friends.

What is Powerpoint Night?

Powerpoint Night was born as a trend on TikTok. The basic idea is to meet with friends to present their powerpoints to each other, developed on topics of general knowledge.

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Some organize these parties around a central theme (so the drinks, clothes and powerpoints themselves will be based on the chosen theme), but others, like us who engage in these things for the first time, choose to leave the theme free.

But what topic can you deal with in your powerpoints, especially if there is no specific theme on which to base? Here are some ideas.

The ideas are collected from the internet, they are not my own work.

  • The best [whatever] of all time
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It could be a movie, a singer, an actor, a book, a song... choose a subject and have fun explaining why it is the best of all time.

  • Assign roles
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Have you ever read a book / watched a movie and thought "Man, that character looks just like [insert your friend's name]"? Now you have the opportunity to do this by combining a character of your choice (from the film or book of your choice) with the friend who, in your opinion, most resembles him / her, also explaining the reasons well.

  • Fancast
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Think of your favorite cartoon / book and match each character with the actor who could play it perfectly. Create your fancast!

  • Celebrity lookalikes
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Tell your friends which celebrity is their "missing twin".

  • Your friends as Disney characters
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We all have that disney character who could be our guiding spirit. Use your powerpoint to tell your friends what theirs would be.

  • Assign a superpower to each of your friends
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Assign a superpower to each of your friends, based on their ability, strength or flaw.

  • What you would do if you won the lottery
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Let your imagination run wild and tell your friends what you would do if you won the lottery.

  • How each friend would lose in the Hunger Games
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If your friends took part in the Hunger Games, would they be winners or losers? And if they lose, how?

  • Which actors would play you in a movie
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Everyone has dreamed at least once that their life was a movie. Which celebrity would play your role?

  • What your friends would get arrested for
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Hoping it never happens, explain to your friends what they might be arrested for.

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