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  • Name : Emily Collins
  • Stage name : Emi
  • Birthday : 18th November 1996
  • Age : 25 years old
  • Zodiac : Scorpio
  • Birthplace : New York


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Long black hair, dark brown eyes, dimples, tattoos


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  • Positive traits : Creative, passionate, hard-working, reliable.
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  • Negative traits : Stubborn, impulsive, unforgiving, loves black wayyyyy too much.


  • Everyday
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  • Airport
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  • On stage
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  • Award shows and interviews
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The Band

  • Name : They Might Be Hot Foxes (also called 'Hot Foxes')
  • Genre : Alternative rock, pop-rock, Alternative hip-hop
  • Number of members : 5
  • Debut : 17th September 2017
  • Latest album : Autumn Foxes (October 2021)


  • M.A (Micah Anderson) : 26 years old (1995) / Leader / Singer - Rapper - Songwriter
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Micah is the leader of the group, he is mainly a rapper but he can also sing, he is the one composing songs for the band, he sometimes help Emi with the lyrics.
  • Emi (Emily Collins) : Guitarist - Lyricist
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Emily is guitarist of the band, she is also the lyricist and write most of the band's songs with Micah.
  • Carter (Elliot Carter) : 26 years old (1995) / Drummer
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Eliott is the drummer of the band.
  • Kit (Katie Patch) : 25 years old (1996) / Singer - Bassist
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Katie is the singer of the band, she is also the bassist.
  • Chaz (Charles Reynolds) : 27 years old (1994) / keyboardist
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Charles is the keyboardist of the band.

Latest album

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01. Intro
02. Like Hot Foxes
03. That Hot Feeling
04. Stairway to New York
05. Late Night
06. Have You Seen Micah?
07. This Way
08. Guitar Deep, Foxes High
09. Total Eclipse
10. Sing Forever
11. Hot Foxes Forever

Their story

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Emily was born and raised in New York. Katie was her neighbor so they are bff since forever. In high school they met Micah and Eliott. Together they play music when they have free time. In university, they met Charles. Micah comes up with a group name and together, they start to do small gigs in bars and clubs. Their popularity grow so much that after graduating they sign with a label.

Cover :
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