hello everyone, hope you all are safe and entertained! this article is very different from what I usually post. but, it looks fun and exciting so I tried THIS OR THAT trend with my favorite dark academia theme.

incase if you're wondering whats dark academia is,

Dark academia is a social media aesthetic and subculture centered around higher education, writing/poetry, the arts, and classic Greek and Gothic architecture. The subculture is associated with ancient art and classic literature
and, it is one of my major aesthetics

article inspired by;

let me know, if you want me to do more of these, now let's jump right into it!

Latin or french?

book, aesthetic, and dark academia image aesthetic, door, and language image book and dark academia image book, aesthetic, and dark academia image

Fench is a solid language, but Latin is also beautiful. and, if I could I would love to learn both! but Latin first.

History or English?

aesthetic, architecture, and dark image aesthetic, books, and dark image aesthetic, castle, and mood image aesthetic, autor, and book image

English. I love history too!

coffee or tea?

coffee, tea, and aesthetic image coffee, dark academia, and retro image aesthetic, coffee, and drink image book, coffee, and rain image

coffee at any time!

Ballet or art?

academia, aesthetic, and ballet dancers image ballet, ballerina, and dance image aesthetic, museum, and art image dark academia, art, and aesthetic image

Ballet is a form of art too. everything has its own beauty but I prefer art.

night or morning?

academia, aesthetic, and afternoon image grunge, night, and photography image aesthetic, architecture, and building image aesthetic, water, and dark academia image

Nights are peaceful. so night

museum or library?

aesthetic, beige, and museum image aesthetic, museum, and art image art, classics, and historical image book, girl, and aesthetic image

hmm..museum. because I love admiring the art and paintings

single-sex school or mixed-gender education?

dark academia, aesthetic, and friends image couple, aesthetic, and love image beige, boarding school, and british image brown, theme, and stairs image

I've studied in a co-ed school till 7th grade, but after that, I moved to a girls school because I felt comfortable there but honestly, it depends on you. I think mixed-gender education can gain you different perspectives and experiences.

rough truth or sweet lies?

lies, darling, and quotes image aesthetic, pretty, and dark academia image quotes, truth, and happiness image aesthetic, grunge, and black image

rough truth, I am a bluntly honest person tho. sweet lies can be delightful at the moment but will hurt you later.

rain pouring down or the sun shining through the window?

aesthetic, city, and rain image beach, coast, and dark image rain, aesthetic, and dark academia image city, rain, and umbrella image

depends. but rain pouring down. because I love warm and cozy weather

true crime or urban legend?

academia, crime, and grunge image moon, night, and sky image aesthetic, angel, and myths image book, aesthetic, and magic image

have got not much of a knowledge about urban legends so true crime

classical or jazz music?

music, jazz, and blues image aesthetic, dark, and music image Image by ๐บ๐‘–๐‘ข๐‘™๐‘–๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘Ž ๐‘๐จ๐ฌ๐ž ๐Œ๐ž๐ซ๐ž๐ง๐œ๐ž music and light academia image

Jazz music

starry night or cloudless sky?

aesthetic, black, and dark image sky, clouds, and wallpaper image stars, wallpaper, and sky image aesthetic, gold, and nature image

I like when the sky is filled with bouncy clouds but starry nights are beautiful and admirable so definitely starry nights

small town or big city?

girl, aesthetic, and city image city, aesthetic, and paris image amsterdam, city, and travel image architecture, bird, and aesthetic image

big city. I've always wanted to live in a big city!

writing music or poetry?

aesthetic, inspo, and lovers image aesthetic, luxury, and poem image girl, book, and aesthetic image aesthetic, book, and beige image

you're asking this question to a poet :)

going out or staying in?

aesthetic, alternative, and people image Versace, luxury, and shop image aesthetic, bath, and drinks image book, coffee, and bedroom image


boarding school or university?

dark academia image study, book, and library image book, girl, and library image fashion, aesthetic, and dark academia image


getting in trouble or following the rules?

aesthetic, blurred, and grunge image champagne, drink, and party image aesthetic and girl image bad, do, and girls image

not much of a troublemaker I am, so I rather stick with following the rules. but if you don't regret anything you did as a "trouble" then it's fine.

popular or a tight-knit group of friends?

dark academia, aesthetic, and friends image girl, fashion, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and couple image love, couple, and flowers image

I'm not that popular and I prefer a tight-knit group of friends, I think it's better that way. confidential and less exhausting

London or Paris?

croissant, food, and aesthetic image architecture, opera, and paris image city, aesthetic, and london image aesthetic, alt, and city image

both but Paris first

piano or violin?

piano, aesthetic, and music image academia, aesthetic, and black image aesthetic, classic, and instrument image music and violin image


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