Chapter 3

And so the fairy and I escaped. We ran back to the woods. I didn't know who was she so I asked:
'Who exactly are you?'
' I am The Fairy of the Past.' She answered ' I am here to tell you about the past and to help you succeed.'
' So you're on our side?' I asked.
' Not really. I am not on anybody's side. I help both sides and I get paid.'
' Great job.'
' Do you want to see the past or not?'
' I do.'
' Then you'll have to pay.' She said.
' I don't have any money.'
' Well if you do not have money, then you will not be hearing about the past.'
I looked at what I have in my backpack, and I found a penny.
' This is all I have.' I gave a penny to the fairy.'
' That is enough money. You shall see the future.'
She closed my eyes with her hands and I had a vision. I was standing in the middle of the Whispering Woods. There were The King and his sister. They were in the middle of the fight.
' I don't like your plan, brother. It's pathetic to lie just to succeed.' His sister said.
' I don't care about your opinion, sister. I will do what I want because I am the King.' The King said.
' And I am your older sister, and I think your plan won't succeed and neither will you.'
' I don't care, I know I will succeed. In the end, I will rule the Graceworth Forest and the Whispering Woods, because I have power.'
' You are absolutely nothing without your title.'
' Watch your mouth sister.'
' Why should I listen to you and your pathetic plan. I don't care about you anymore, and I hope you'll fail.'
' Is that so?' The King put his fingers on the ground and his sister started to look like a tree because she was becoming one. In the end, her fingers became branches. The King chuckled like a psychopath.

I was too afraid to see what comes next so I opened my eyes. The Fairy of the Past was long gone. I continued my journey.