All starting to fade away.
All starting to decay.

All details getting blurred.
All thoughts now unheard.

There's a foggy cloud between you and me.
And it's very hard to see don't you agree?

Getting thicker and thicker.
Leaving just a path of your glitter.

All of you staring to disappear in the mist.
Covering every detail until you don't exist.

I can no longer hear your voice, just a distant noise.

How long till you fade away completely?

The clock is ticking constantly.

Seconds turning in minutes, minutes in hours, hours in days, days in weeks, weeks in months, months in years, years in decades, decades in centuries, centuries in millenniums.

Time turning eternity.
Memories living for the infinity.

The day were bright with the sun being light, and dark were the night full of stars that ignite.

The sky used to be blue, and now all it's left is a distant memory of you.