Nope. Not anymore
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I'm now wfww*



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After 15 months of WFH (which I've done for years because I'm a freelance writer) but not being able to go anywhere else due to COVID-19 and Lockdown and all that important world-shifting stuff. I caved and signed up for a WeWork "all access" membership to Get Out of the Apartment.

g l a m

I'm feeling terribly chic being inside a proper architecturally-significant space (again)

losangeles, remote, and work image
losangeles, remote, and work image
losangeles, remote, and work image
I do enjoy the telephone ☎ boxes where one can make a private call 📞 (my socks were very clean I'll have you know) - here I am on the line to New York.
losangeles, remote, and work image
Here are the telephone boxes from the outside.

The great thing about "all access" (apart from the music gig getting-to-hang-backstage allusion, which I'm sure is deliberate), is one can visit any number of the locations worldwide. So I'm exploring L.A. and having a great (and deeply productive) time.

dtla, wework, and maxwellhouse image
The Maxwell - in the former Maxwell House Coffee factory, downtown Los Angeles.
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I was up on the 23rd floor of the skyscraper on the right last week (WeWork Century City). It's the former MGM HQ.
MGM, centurycity, and wework image MGM, centurycity, and wework image
They even have a screening theatre at the Century City location.
MGM, roomwithaview, and centurycity image
and this is the view from WeWork Century City - weirdly, I was here coughs 20 years ago having a meeting with Someone Important at MGM - instant flashback.
losangeles, MGM, and centurycity image
More Century City (I finished my deadline early so roamed around taking photos).
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Pacific Design Center RED building
pacific, wework, and wfww image
Pacific Design Center - courtyard and surrounding area.
losangeles, remote, and work image
PDC - RED - a "nook"
we even have kinetic artworks throughout the building and motor courts:
roof, rooftop, and sony image
WeWork Culver City (former Sony Pictures building)
roof, rooftop, and sony image
View from the rooftop of WeWork Culver City

Curiously Enough

I have always adored several types of places:

1. Airport Lounges

yes, really.
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because one is often en route to somewhere exciting.
1960, airport, and LAX image
even if it's domestic and not at the front of the plane (sighs) anymore.

2. Cafes

these are places of liminality - not here, or there - with accompanying caffeine, a novel and often a newspaper to read.
simone de beauvoir image
[Simone de Beauvoir, writing at her regular table: Les Deux Magots, Paris]
fashion, coffee, and book image

3. Libraries

flights of the imagination, and deepest study.
library, universityoflondon, and founderslibrary image
[this is the library at the University of London, RHC, where I studied for my degree]
library and westhollywood image
[this is my local library, here in West Hollywood]
I have found - to my utter delight - that WeWork places are now (IMHO) a combination of the airport lounge, cafe and library (at least I think so).

Retro Alert

There's also something rather Retro about the design. Especially those "weworks" which are inside classic 1960s-era industrial skyscrapers.

Like this one - which is where I'll be tomorrow ---- yes, I'll report back, and update with pictures and perhaps a video if the view is sublime.

1965, losangeles, and juliusshulman image
1965, losangeles, and juliusshulman image

Saturday June 26th, 2021

Alas I only got as far as the 9th & 10th floor of 1150 S. Olive Street (the former Occidental Life Insurance building circa 1965). Apparently there were nuptials taking place in what's now the penthouse - although it looks like they've glassed in that fabulous walkway so I'm not too upset).

Here you go -----------

Occidental Life Insurance, 1965 - as was - and now is various rented out floors, including two to wework.

losangeles, wfww, and workingfromwework image
wework @ 1150 S Olive St.
anglepoise, dtla, and wework image
this is where I sat today - in Anglepoise heaven.

Mass Transit Moments

I used to sit in traffic.....

But a few years ago I quit driving.

Yes, it's possible to live in L.A. without owning a motor.

Through exploring the wework locations, I've been enjoying (if that's the right word) negotiating the city again (post lockdown) - masked up - and checking-connections-on-the-app.

gometro and pershingsquare image
Pershing Square Metro Station
and this is the Vermont Street (Red Line) Station at Santa Monica Blvd.

Or, as a friend of mine in Manhattan said: "I had no idea L.A. looked so much like Berlin!" (and I replied - it doesn't - unless a European edits it in B&W, crops out the tourists in day-glo and so on....)

1901, losangeles, and angelsflightrailway image 1901, losangeles, and angelsflightrailway image

This is how I got up Bunker Hill to my office today, at Gas Company Tower (see below) - Angels Flight Railway was built in 1901. Loved. it.

Where Next?

One near(ish) the Ocean on Monday - and another one downtown Tuesday - possible a Hollywood one (not sure about that) - and, if I can face the several-changes-of-bus-train-bus - Warner Bros!

stay tuned......

hello from Monday

santamonica, wework, and wfww image

Literally 3 x blocks from the beach - and there's a salt-in-the-hair freedom vibe from wework santa monica:

santamonica, wework, and wfww image
palmtrees, fronds, and santamonica image
santamonica, wework, and wfww image

Back Downtown tomorrow....

losangeles, wework, and thegascompanytower image
can't wait for this one..

tune in then.

hello, 1988

The Gas Company Tower is magnificent - especially from the 35th Floor!

take a look at this.....

dtla, gascompanytower, and wework image
dtla, gascompanytower, and wework image dtla, gascompanytower, and wework image
dtla, gascompanytower, and wework image
now THIS one reminded me of my office in NYC....
fashion, newyork, and hearst image
here I am, circa 2007 - in Manhattan
dtla, gascompanytower, and wework image
and this is where I'm sitting today - isn't it lovely?

check out this view again:

10:53 AM Wednesday, June 30th

I did love walking back into this office this morning:
losangeles, remote, and work image
on the wework app it's listed as my "home office" - and that gave me a warm feeling.
losangeles, remote, and work image

18:29 Friday July 2nd

I just got back from here
Lantana, santamonica, and wework image

As soon as I walked into Lantana (wework), I KNEW it had a certain vibe.

So I checked out the history of 3000 Olympic Blvd.

Apart from having been here for a Work Meeting (can't say who, alas) a decade (gulps) ago when I recall seeing Joe Roth's Porsche parked out back (the producer of many movies including "While You Were Sleeping" with Sandra Bullock)....

............I found out this place was (the late) Steven Bochco's production offices.

He wrote many TV hits including these:

In Steven's honour, I shot this, while hanging out in the back courtyard.

Where will you be next week?

glad you asked, thank you.

clue: it's on the Lot of a Hollywood Studio.

I'll check back in Tuesday with more details, I promise.

Hello from Tuesday...at Warners Bros (adjacent)

hollywood, warnerbros, and friends image
look at the centre square - that's the Warner Bros Studio lot.
hollywood, workhard, and warnerbros image
this is what one of the permanent offices looks like - complete with rousing decal
warnerbros, wework, and wfww image
look at that mountain out of the windows - looks familiar? THE WALTON'S!

And here's the rest of the view from the 15th floor:

Playa Vista (Friday July 9th, 2021)

Today I was at wework in Playa Vista (oddly it's nowhere near the beach, so doesn't have a view of one):

wework, wfww, and playavista image

During WWII, this was the place where Howard Hughes built the Spruce Goose plane.

losangeles, waterfront, and wework image

- and thought it would interesting to show you what it's like INSIDE one of the wework telephone boxes:

Saturday (during a heatwave)

I took a bus, then a subway train under the Hollywood Hills to the other side and escaped from the oppressive heat with the cool surroundings of a (non-scripted reality) television production HQ -

wework, wfww, and lankershim image monastic, wework, and wfww image
wework, wfww, and lankershim image wework, wfww, and lankershim image

Thursday July 15

lobby, corporateamerica, and wfww image

Yesterday I decided to pop back to wework Century City, in the former MGM building (now ICM Partners but you've probably know the former so I'm continuing to reference the movie studio for obvious reasons ;)

losangeles, MGM, and skyscraper image

I was persuaded to do so partly because, on Thursdays, THEY SHOW A MOVIE in their in-house theatre (a leftover from when it was the MGM HQ).

We saw this one:

Three of us - in a darkened screening room - one naughty person who kept their laptop open (why??) - but thankfully left after the opening scenes.

I - of course - sat by the Central Console - which is where the director usually sits when Studio Executives come in to Watch Rushes (and make not-so-helpful-comments). As there were other people in the room, I did the customary "ROLL PICTURE!" command in my head....

This was my "nook" for the day - with Joan Crawford (in a pillow performance).

MGM, joancrawford, and centurycity image

I have to say I REALLY enjoyed walking into this lobby:

wfww and icmpartners image

I shot this en route to the bus stop at Century City last night:

Friday 16th July

For my first visit post-vaccination trip to stay with friends, I booked a desk near'ish their part of town - here's Glendale (a more somber office, not a lot of "This is For Young Entrepreneurs" signage going down - but it was very welcoming).

glendale, wework, and wfww image

and I got a lot done.

YSL, yvessaintlaurent, and glendale image
Then I read some of the fab books in the lobby area.

Month's Trial Ends

Who knows when I'll be back......

.....wework is "consolidating locations" due to the fallout from 2020 - and also because so many corporations are exiting skyscrapers and asking them to manage space for hybrid/remote/Gen Z workers.

so - before I sign on the dotted line for membership (I've been on a free trial this past month, you see) ---- I'm going to check out the competition.

It's a free market, baby.

Especially in times-like-this.

Will be reporting back.

don't go anywhere -

Industrious Calling

Industrious is a competitor to wework - I spent a day back at Century City - and wrote this (great coffee, and fizzy water, but just too many men in ironed trousers with stripy shirts renting tiny single-person-law-firm offices who neglect to respond politely when one says "good afternoon").

Sorority Sisters

The Wing is a competitor to wework too - I spent a day there and it was very pretty, but too girly pour moi.

Weekend Update (July 24)

I I am putting the "new office" decision on hold until September. Some I've seen recently seem suspiciously quiet (about to close?) and I'm loath to commit membership fees until I see how the summer-of-the-Delta-Variant plays out in L.A.

So, some of the library branches have reopened. It's totally masks-on, with limited hours, but it'll be good discipline to head out in the morning, get a cool (AC) bus ride in and see the world a bit, then spend the worst hours-of-heat in a library, before heading home, having done some work. The only issue with libraries is that they're full of our compatriots-without-places-to-sleep - and not in a good "City of Angels" way. But there's also something very touching about being around men (they are mostly men) with long straggly beards, reading novels quietly in the corner. I don't want to become so removed from society - and some of the coworking spaces, especially the high end spots look as if they were designed to do just that. Scarily elitist.

There will be posts from libraries next :)

(all) my offices so far....

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You are kind :)

here you go.