And so what
What if some days I feel nothing at all

What if my memories don't bring me back to the happy place

i've decided to let go of the past
go along the path
see where i end up

we were the blueprint
and you tore the picture
no you burned the bridge

i wasted my time with you
i was a test drive to you
i was the loner
and you harmed my energy
we were always walking on a thin line
and now the bridge is in ashes

but heart breaks,
it's not made of paper
but all the tears i cried
i'm freeing this pain
this rage
this heartbreak, no the heart is torn to pieces

it feels like an earthquake in my stomach,
you're a criminal, a villain, that has no backstory
getting high on all of the pain and the hurt and my tears
you violated my soul and mind

but on every road, there is a river
so i can clean out my wounds and wash away your sins left on my skin
and there is a waterfall
so i can be reborn

so to start over
my heart has been fucked over
but i won't give up

my heart won't surrender to the beat of your heart
cold, cold blooded heart

falling, and bruises covering my open scars
no i won't let go
i will be my own painkiller

i will walk,
and i will talk
of your crimes

make you hot with shame
you will feel it all on your flesh
i will rise, while you will grasp and collapse.

i see the light and the darkness within me
i will turn to skies and stars to enliven my spirit
and i will grow my broken wings once again,
help me pull through,

my healing