When it comes to hair, you can either blend in… or stand out!

The choice is completely in your hands. Sure there are many other ways to stand out, like a flashy, animal print coat, or a pair of head-turning stilettos that make that perfect “clack” when you walk. Still, nothing quite does the job like a well-styled head of hair.

Hair is a bit like everyone’s built-in picture frame. It frames our faces, and can be curled, straightened, dyed, or accessorized to accent any look we are going for.

For example, if you’d like to achieve a soft, romantic look, you can curl your hair with a wide wand iron. Then brush it out lightly, and you will end up with perfectly wavy hair.

Since it’s summer, we want to go big! Nothing says “summer” like fun and bold colors. But, we also don’t want to look like that clown from your 2nd birthday party :)

The happy medium is holographic hair. Depending on the look you're going for, it’s just the right amount of pop! Your personal style may be bold and electrifying, so maybe a more intense and precise color pattern is more your speed. Or, if you prefer a soft, dreamy, fairy-like aesthetic, have your stylist opt for softer hues, expertly placed and layered across your locks.

Holographic hair is a coloring technique that allows you to get adventurous with bold colors, but in a more subtle way. It can also be a very unique look since the way the colors are applied to your hair will create a holographic, optical illusion. There are various ways to achieve this technique. You can go full throttle with it, or you can have your stylist do touches of it throughout your hair, or even just certain spots of your hair.

It should also be noted that achieving holographic hair is a very technical process, for best results go to a professional colorist. Unless your hair is already very light naturally, you will want to make it as light as possible first. Holographic hair also requires some aftercare and maintenance to keep the colors bright and long-lasting, as well as for the health of your hair.

Regardless, it creates a color medley that is VERY aesthetically pleasing, not to mention fun!

Below are some of our favorite holographic hair techniques, from the electrifying to the soft and dreamy. Which one is calling your name the most?

Pick your favorite, and share with your stylist!

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A subtle, yet perfect hint of colors. TIP: Have your stylist add a gloss treatment after your color. This will increase the holographic dimension to your colors.
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This look allows you to add a small amount of holographic coloring to your hair, but accent it with a bold base color. The mesh of both color techniques will compliment one another.
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A holographic balayage allows you to mesh just two desired colors into a seamless, and transitional color blend.
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“Crystal In The Sun” is a great option if you would like to keep your natural base color, but want to add a slight accent with the holographic color technique. It will give the same illusion when the sunlight hits a crystal.
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Add some pep into your holographic hair with this strobe look. This look is done by applying the colors in a precise, jagged manner.
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“Scattered Lights” will allow you to jump on the Holographic Hair train, without saturating your natural color with new colors. It’s the perfect style to participate in this beautiful trend, yet find equal balance with your natural base color.