-The first step into my routine is concealing my brows and lightly filling them in with some black eyeshadow or an eyebrow pencil, since they're already pretty thick. Brows are a huge part of your face and it can make it or break it!

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I always use a light base and don't like that much coverage so I only use a couple drops and use that all over my face. Sometimes I go in with concealer but rarely unless I have an acne moment. Then I go in with face powder and then I bake!

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This part is important if you want to look snatched! I like going in on my higher cheeks and a little bit of the forward and just slightly on my nose. I don't contour with cream just powders since I don't have much of a base and do it after powder and baking already. I also use a lot of blush for a real barbie doll look!

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I love a glossy lip or a matte lip! Im mostly a gloss girl though because "lipstick lasts longer but gloss is more fun.

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This part is important to me because it makes your eyes look so sexy I love it! I prefer a black eye pencil but I change it up sometimes with other colors sometimes green or blue.

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