Keep a clean, uncluttered space
books, room, and decoration image home, beige, and interior image design, fashion, and home image home, kitchen, and simple image
Eat a healthy diet
beautiful, art, and dress image food, salad, and healthy image avocado, food, and veggie image delicious, food, and sauce image
Let the sunshine in...
aesthetic, fashion, and landscape image aesthetic, plants, and sunset image bedroom, room, and interior image books and room image
or soak up those rainy days
book, rain, and autumn image home, rain, and window image rain, light, and night image rain, autumn, and car image
Log out of social media
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Use only meaningful pieces to decorate
coffee and flowers image Image by Naz stars, light, and window image beauty, chanel, and makeup image
Have a few, but good quality clothes
beige, clothes, and closet image fashion, outfit, and autumn image fashion, girl, and outfit image classy, closet, and decor image