Hey! This is my first article on this account. First off, I think it'd be best if I introduce myself. I go by the username Sohmatic, but my real name is Sidney. I'm currently 15 years old, turning 16 this August. I'm born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii, and I'm currently finishing up my sophomore year of high school! I love anime, manga, playing video games and photography. I've had we heart it for about 3 years, but I only started taking it more seriously last year. Since then, this app has become such an essential part of my day. At first, I just used this app to find "reaction meme" pictures, so that I could post them on my private instagram account. Now, I've created more than 30 collections and a large majority of them are active to this day. I have a wide variety of collections available, but most of them consist of anime related things. When I first started creating collections, I only made them for my own personal archive. But when people started liking my posts and following them, I decided to create collections based on whatever people liked AND things that aligned with my personal interest. That's why my bio says, "giving the people what they want", because I'm solely doing this everyday for you guys! I love uploading everyday, and it's even better when you guys show your support for them too. I'm always available if anyone wants to become friends or just want someone to talk to.


Tiktoks - Ky0supremacy and Treenuhm
Instagram - Siidneyt
Discord - Siidneyt#9771