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Okay first of all, this is a little taste of my new novel segment where I write about the books I'm writting, and this is...

no one can know

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"not everything that shines is good, not all the smiles mean happiness, not everything that looks nice it's going to be like that and not all doors are for get out"

Kathe was a girl full of joy and dreams, who were gradually killed just like her. Now Anish, her little sister wants revenge, wants to enter in the dead end door her sister entered through, but she can't do it alone. In a music company that is actually an empire of dark things in its basements, every step Anish gives to find his sister's killer will star killing her too.

In a fight to survive, where everyone is willing to save their skin no matter who they throw into the well, Anish will fight for someone else.
where a lot of things seems simple, every step dentro de looks more darker than the murder of her sister.

TW: Murder/ blood/ rape/ discrimination/ homophobia/ xenophobia/ gore/ injures/ prostitution/ drugs/ kpop similitudes/ conspirancys/ ghosts/ sacrifices/ dark magic/ ouija


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  • Why BIGHTS? B means for Big Things and IGHTS it's from NIGHTS, so Big Nights or Good Nights. Makes reference that 5 girls makes the promise to have the best nights and to create them for the people who listen to them.
  • Fans Name: Biggies

Why "Biggies"? Because Bights wants to be very close to his fans and one of the best things the group can have is them, so they are a big deal in their lives.

  • Motto: Glamour and fun in one!
  • Agency: Mon Entertainment


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bad girl vibe/ glamour/ party


5 suburban best friends live every night as if it were the last day of their lives, they always get away with it, having the best clothes and jewerly, and sneaking into expensive parties just for fun.

The Girls

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  • Real Name: April Han
  • Place of Birth: China
  • Stage Name: Saphy
  • Position: Vocalist, dancer
  • Personality Stage: Introvert, shy, serius of the group
dress, fashion, and girl image medieval, the witcher, and yenn image
  • Real Name: Maddie Bertasoli
  • Place of Birth: Italy
  • Stage Name: Maddie
  • Position: Vocalist and dancer
  • Personality Stage: The badass, the one who will kick your ass while she looks good doing it
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  • Real Name: Dami Bay
  • Place of Birth: E.U.
  • Stage Name: Dami
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Personality Stage: Sexy
Image by ɢᴡᴜᴀᴘʙʙʏ body, details, and gg image
  • Real Name: Jessie Mckencie
  • Place of Birth: E.U.
  • Stage Name: Glitter
  • Position: Vocalist and leader
  • Personality Stage: Princess and sweet
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  • Real Name: Hana Stewart
  • Place of Birth: E. U.
  • Stage Name: Hany
  • Position: Rapper, vocalist, dancer
  • Personality Stage: Tomboy, more fanservice


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  • Why FLY? For Love You. Means that they will dedicate everything to their fans and are willing to always love them.
  • Fans Name: Lovers
  • Motto: In my heart, always!
  • Agency: Mon Entertainment


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cute/ romance/ pink/ adorable


aesthetic, hair, and love image fire and soul image
Eros retires from the bussiness of being cupid and recruited the 7 best lovers to help him become cupid, and full the world with love.


kpop, pink hair, and txt image aesthetic, black, and grunge image gif image aesthetic, asian boy, and grunge image

Real Name: Kim Torji
Place of Birth: Korea
Stage Name: Torji
Position: Vocalist and dancer
Personality Stage The cute and shy

food and chips image aesthetic, black and white, and grunge image

Real Name: Takashi Yuji
Place of Birth: Japan
Stage Name: Crush
Position: Vocalist, rapper and dancer
Personality Stage: Funny guy

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Real Name: Nathaniel Averasquez
Place of Birth: Colombia
Stage Name: Papi
Position: Vocalist, dancer, main rapper.
Personality Stage: Hot guy

black, earring, and ebony image Image by 🗒 ❛ 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧 ༉‧₊˚✧

Real Name: Kojoe Navigar
Place of Birth: E.U.
Stage Name: Navi
Personality Stage: Bad boy, intimidating

black, boy, and messages image aesthetic, black, and grunge image

Real Name: Leray Rickets
Place of Birth: E.U.
Stage Name: Leray
Position: Vocalist, dancer, leader
Personality Stage: good boy until the fourth album, where we changes to a maniatic bad boy, he doesn't care anything, smokes, drinks, gets hair, he also gets in fights with the others members (the company says that was planned and was fake)

mirror, aesthetic, and heart image boys, icon, and txt image

Real Name: Do Jhon
Place of Birth: Canada
Stage Name Narcisso
Position: Vocalist and dancer
Personality Stage: lover boy, and narcissitic

grunge, txt, and tomorrow x together image san, mingi, and seonghwa image

Real Name: Sun Charles
Place of Birth: E.U.
Stage Name: Moon
Position: Main dancer and rapper
Personality Stage: Mysterious, intellectual


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  • Why SHIVA? He thought it sounded cool
  • Fans Name: Badies
  • Motto: Living my life, I guess...
  • Agency: Mon Entertainment


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boys/ raps/ classical music/ problematic mvs and lyrics

(He doesn't have a story, he only sings what he feels and produce what he wants)


Image by Cimone asian, kpop, and astro image aesthetic, drink, and wine image colde image

Real Name: Park Spencer
Place of Birth: Korea
Stage Name: Shiva
Position: Vocalist, rapper and produccer
Personality Stage: He is who he is.


okay, hi, this is just an organizer for me and my story. These are the groups that will be in the story most , and it's like the company has written the profiles so they can create the groups.

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