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Hello and welcome to my a little game called "the kpop shuffle challenge". I did this challenge a while back.. i think it has already been a year... i am now posting it because i think i will do another shuffle challenge soon and i want to have proof of both outcomes:). I was pretty bored at that moment and i thought about doing something fun.. I was supposed to study but my classes were frustrating me, so i figured not to let my mood go down and do what i love: write about songs. Now to the challenge :) (from here on i wrote in the present... think of this as if we are the 6th march 2020!:) have fun)

═══°∴,*⋅✲══〖The Playlist〗══✲⋅*,∴°═══

For this challenge i am using my unorganised kpop playlist on youtube. There are around 840 songs on my kpop playlist so this should be fun🦋 (Keep in mind there are not only kpop songs but also krnb, rap, covers and chinese/japanese songs)

═══°∴,*⋅✲══〖The Game〗══✲⋅*,∴°═══

➳❥ How am I feeling today?

wow... the first song is already accurate! This is interesting yet weird bc i kind of feel like i have my mind closed when it comes to a certain someone.. a lot of friends tell me to try “it” but i am scared to get hurt so i dont...The song literally tells me to try it and open myself up.

➳❥ What is my life motto?

The moment i saw the song i smiled form one ear to the other. It’s one of my most fav songs Straykids wrote.. I dont have a life motto.. well i always say “dont judge others; u never know what hardships they have to overcome” but this song is certainly worth being considered a life motto. And it is true somehow; We should do our best and reach our goals at our own pace

➳❥ How do I feel about homework?

Well idk how i feel about this song... I never do my homework tbh which might be the reason why the song fits idk🤷🏼‍♀ I dont want to waste my time on doing homework if i want to see life and enjoy my time as a teenager. Doing homework is kind of a lost star.. homework and schoolwork made me hate myself and i had no fun (our schoolsystem is f*ed up which makes me angry)...

➳❥ What is my biggest fear?

Ok this question takes the whole playlist to the test. My biggest fear is being left alone and not having a value.. but i always say i fear the deepness of the ocean bc that is very scary imo. But Fancy came on...and i dont know how to interpret that... is my biggest fear falling in love? Am i that afraid of getting hurt that i fear falling in love? or fancying someone? Ooff i start to get the feeling that i over analyse the songs haha

➳❥ If I ever meet my bias, what’s the first thing I’ll do?

Ok this time i really dont know how to put it... Maybe i will tell my bias how much his/her music has helped people and that they are amazing. As in a lot of people escaped hell due to their music🤷🏼‍♀

➳❥ What song will I play at my wedding?

Can someone explain to me why so many Jungkook covers come up?! What is thiiis hahahah.. Well i cannot change it so the only option is to roll with it :) Like a star hmm i like the song quite much but idk if it's a song i would play at my wedding. It's true that i listened to it a lot so maybe i will... who knows

➳❥ How do my friends see you?

Omg hahaha this is epic. My closest friends usually describe me as the loud extroverted loyal easy-going friend... But if a stranger asks about me they often use the word different bc i am quite a mess🥴 The song maybe also tries to tell me that me and my friends are very different and it’s true.. i have friends i only have a few similarities with but we make it work which is very cool. I truly appreciate and am very thankful for my friends

➳❥ Whats the one advice you really need?

Brooo o m g... i- ehm... ok this gives me the confirmation that this challenge was not fun but a sign. I literally was talking with my best friend about how the whole time we have to stay inside for our own safety makes me feel like we are wasting our precious teenager years.. I am about to become 20 in two months and this yeat was supposed to be filled with parties and celebration.. i wanted to make an impact on the world and one the one hand i can as i am speaking up for what i believe in but on the other hand i feel like wasting one night after another.. i want to finally go outside and LIVE.

➳❥How was this game?

Hahah the game was awesome and the song title underlines that.. I will be thinking about this ALL DAY🥴 :joy:


My best friend called me during the game and we started playing the game with different questions.. here are a few that weren't included in the challenge guide:

~ Will i ever be able to trust someone like before? ~

I- ehm this was kind of a very personal question but i wanted to include it bc it’s very important to me. If u know the song u maybe understand what i am feeling rn.. if not i highly recommend u to listen to it

~ Will i ever visit Korea? ~

Hahahahah we are :) O m g this is insane hahah i am screaming.. my best friend and i plan on going to Korea next year during the summer and the song title i- hahaha “We are” going :heart_eyes: :joy:


This challenge was a lot of fun for me and i hope u enjoyed reading my blog as much as i enjoyed writing it :) I am kinda sad not even a single Ateez song and also no Got7 song came on🥺.. I am not surprised of the skz and jungkook covers bc i used to listen to them ALL THE TIME... + I may have overanalysed the song but i had a lot of fun:)

Thank you so much for reading this. I wish you a great rest of the day and don’t forget to remain happy. :) Lots of love :)