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Surely some of you already know it, but every year in Europe we hold a singing contest between some European countries (and three international ones). As there are only 3 months left until the contest takes place, I thought it would be interesting to write an article about what Eurovision is and my favorite songs from past editions.

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What is Eurovision?

The Eurovision Song Contest is an international song competition organised annually by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and featuring participants representing primarily European countries. Each participating country submits an original song to be performed on live television.

Eurovision has been held every year since 1956, with the exception of the cancelled 2020 edition, making it the longest-running annual international televised music competition and one of the world's longest-running television programmes.

Famous Singers:

Performing at the Eurovision Song Contest often provides artists with a local career boost and in some cases long-lasting international success. Several of the best-selling music artists in the world have competed in past editions, including ABBA, Julio Iglesias and Olivia Newton-John, and some of the world's best-selling singles have received their first international performance on the Eurovision stage.

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Since 2008 each contest is typically formed of three live television shows held over one week: two semi-finals, then followed by a grand final.

All competing countries compete in one of the two semi-finals, except for the host country of that year's contest and the "Big Five" countries—France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The remaining countries are split between the two semi-finals, and the 10 highest-scoring entries in each semi-final qualify for the grand final; this means that 26 countries in total compete in the grand final each year.

The winner is chosen thanks to the votes of a professional jury from each country and the televoting of viewers from each European country.

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Facts and Curiosities:
  • In 2001, the largest audience ever attended the Eurovision Song Contest. Almost 38,000 people gathered at Copenhagen’s Parken Stadium to witness the first-ever Estonian victory.
  • Ratings of the Eurovision Song Contest have varied greatly over the past decades. In 2016, some 204 million people saw at least one of the 3 shows in whole or in part.
  • With 7 victories, Ireland is the most successful country at the contest. Sweden won the contest 6 times, while Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom won 5 times.
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Some of my favourite Songs:

1- Waterloo - Abba (1974)
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2- Soldi - Mahmood (2019)
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3- Roi - Bilal Hassani (2019)
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4- Lie To Me - Mikolas Josef (2018)
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5- La Venda - Miki Nuñez (2019)
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6- Heroes - Mans Zelmerlow (2015)
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