i literally only talk to like 2 people & we literally never "hang out" so here's a semi-sad article lol its more of a joke pls

face masks

friends and friendship image face mask, fun, and girl image face mask, skincare, and sleepover image friends, girl, and friendship image

go on road trips

mountains, Road Trip, and summer image Image by emmaglow friends, sunset, and aesthetic image friends, friendship, and goals image

go camping

adventure, autumn, and camping image friendship, friends, and bonfire image Image by Courtney camping, travelling, and travel image

wear coinciding outfits

girls, pretty, and women image fashion, girl, and style image friends, fashion, and friendship image tree, 90, and colors image


friendship, girl, and lilia image girls image bff, friends, and crazy image friends, guitar, and sister image

take pics like this

Image by littlefridd friends and fun image asap rocky, aesthetic, and friends image arabia, cave, and photography image

go thrifting

aesthetic, brown, and clothing image aesthetic, bff, and blonde image 90s, clothes, and girls image fur coat, melbourne, and mirror image

throw a party

party, aesthetic, and disco image Image by Ju party, girl, and friends image grunge, party, and vintage image

take film pics

grunge, boy, and night image grunge, friends, and black image girl, friends, and aesthetic image crazy, free, and need image

go on picnics

aesthetic, girls, and nature image best friends, besties, and food image best friend, friendship, and friendships image friends image

go to the beach

melanin image beach, girl, and friends image 70's, 90's, and clothes image black, brown, and girl image

late night drives

Image by H.K. car, party, and friends image drive, fast, and speed image bridge, sky, and sunset image

go to brunch

bright, celebration, and drinks image chic, classy, and dinner image bright, cozy, and drinks image friends, best friends, and drink image

music festivals

coachella, fashion, and girl image night, friends, and boys image green, makeup, and pink image concert, girls, and happiness image

go to a drive-in movie

couple, grunge, and car image vintage, sweetslay, and aesthetic image car, vintage, and aesthetic image drive in, fashion, and movie image

dancing in the rain

friends, rain, and girls image dance, fashion, and peace image rain, girl, and friends image summer, dancing, and rain image

go swimming

friends, summer, and vintage image best friends image gal gadot, black and white, and fashion image bikini, girl, and sea image


girl, friendship, and fashion image girl, best friends, and friends image friends, girls, and friendship image girl and travel image

going out

bff and dress image friends, girls, and night out image fashion, friends, and dress image best friends, friendship, and goals image

birthday parties

birthday image birthday, birthday party, and girls night image birthday and girl image balloons, beauty, and birthday image

playing in snow

chic, classy, and party image amsterdam and winter image christmas, fashion, and ice rink image snow image

doing homework together

Image by Rosalie H. ♡ library, studying, and university image girl, study, and aesthetic image university, book, and school image


girl, summer, and baking image baking, Cookies, and dessert image baking, chocolate, and cooking image bake, cook, and friendship image