7:45am - Breakfast

fruit, apple, and food image food, girl, and peanut butter image
I don't usually like a large and filling breakfast because I can't eat early in the morning, so I stick with something light but satisfying

-green apple and peanut butter

12:30pm - Lunch

announcement, bowl, and brunch image delicious, red, and juicy image
I get home from school around this time and I am hungry at this point lol I've also been obsessed with red grapes lately

-quinoa bowl with peppers, chickpeas, spinach, and eggs
-red grapes

5:30pm - Dinner

food image cheesy, egg, and noodles image
My sister is the cook of the family and wanted to make something different. It was very yummy!

-swedish meatballs with gravy and egg noodles

6:30pm - Dessert

chocolate chip, talenti, and coffee image bff, gelato, and shower image
Finishing up leftover gelato

-talenti coffee cookie crumble gelato

Thanks for reading!