In this article I will share my 3 Steps of Finally-Getting-Things-Done in a Stress-Free FUN way. those steps help me every time my To-do List is getting to long..

Letโ€™s Do This:

Step One - Preparation!

There is a reason behind the phrase preparation is the key to success - if you do this part right - everything else will be falling into place.

For this step, you will need only 2 things:


Put some effort or just grab a glass of water, whatever you fancy, as long as you stay hydrated:

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To-do List

Checklists are very effective and they train your brain to be more productive.
There are so many ways to write down your list - here are some To-do Lists Styles for inspiration:

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Daily Planner
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Memo Notepads
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You can also have some fun with the list making, sketching, doodling, using markers, stickers..

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Custom Planning Stickers
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Hang Stickers

Step Two - Do!

Yes, thatโ€™s simple - Just Do-List.
Go over your checklist, task by task, cross off each item one's done.
Stay motivated and focus, you are so gonna be proud of yourself!

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Nail it!

Step Three - Reward!

You done it! - enjoy your glory!
This step is the part that makes it all worthwhile - so reward yourself with some happy times -
Sing, dance.. Treat yourself - you deserve it!

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'Today I'm proud of myself because..'


Keep being on top of things! - taking care of business is part of maintaining a healthy and successful life.

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I hope you liked this article.
Take Care & Stay Safe ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒบ โ™ฅ


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