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Name: Mavis Gretchen Beckett
Age: 23
Nicknames: May, Mav (pronounced: Maeve), Truck Beckett, Becks

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Looks: Short straight red hair, brown eyes, freckles, triple pierced ears.

Name: Heidi Sandra Beckett
Age: 23
Nicknames: Heidi Ho (family nickname), Ambo Beckett

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Looks: Long straight red hair, brown eyes, freckles, 2 arm band tattoos on her right arm.


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Mavis: Mavis is very supportive of her friends and family, you will always see her on the sidelines cheering them on. She also has a big heart and finds so many things cute that she even gets a bit emotional about them. Mavis is aromantic and asexual and she is perfectly fine not being in any relationships or "falling in love". She has her cat Duggy, her firehouse family and her sisters.
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Heidi: Heidi isn't the complete opposite of Mavis, just a bit more rough around the edges. Heidi is very sarcastic, you can always rely on her to throw in a quip or comeback like that. She is also very confident in who she is, she worked hard to become a paramedic and she is proud of how far she has come. While Mavis can get excited rather fast, Heidi is very much more chill, needing her morning coffee before she can do anything. She can also be a bit awkward with people she doesn't really know (aside from when she is working), and often times laughs when she doesn't know what to do.


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Mavis: Aromantic and Asexual
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Heidi: Pansexual


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Off Duty
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Fancy Gala


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Going Out
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Staying In


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Mavis: Firefighter/Driving Engineer for the Chicago Fire Department, working out of Firehouse 51 on truck 51.
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Heidi: Paramedic for the Chicago Fire Department, working out of Firehouse 51 for Ambo 71 (which isn't in the show but I figured that if firehouse 51 has 3 trucks than having 2 ambos would be fine).


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Dylan Beckett: Father, math professor at local university, raised 4 pre-teen/teenage girls by herself after his wife died.
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Ellis Beckett: Mother, veterinarian, died of breast cancer at 41.
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Alice Beckett: 1st born, doctor, Resident/Fellow/Attending at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.
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Dylann Beckett: 2nd born, Detective of the Chicago Police Department at the 21st District in the Intelligence Unit.
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Each Other: Mavis and Heidi have always been close, as most twins are, they even both applied to the Fire Department (for different jobs but still) because they both wanted to help people. Mavis and Heidi are both outgoing for the most part, and Heidi gets very protective about Mavis, mostly because of an incident where a guy was hitting on Mavis hard and wasn't getting the hint that she wasn't interested, and so when she finally spelled it out for him and went to walk away, he grabbed her and threatened her. But Heidi stepped in and as the guy was going to make a lewd joke about "banging" twins, Heidi socked him in the mouth and knocked him out.
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Firehouse 51 Family: If you ever watched Chicago Fire, you know how close everyone in Firehouse 51 is. And that is no exception when Mavis and Heidi work there. Like when Gabbie started there as a firefighter, the boys were a little worried with having a woman firefighter, but Mavis proved them wrong and worked her ass off as candidate on engine 51 before becoming a full-fledged member of the team a couple of years later. Heidi worked at another house for a little bit, but she never seemed to find a good footing there, but when she heard about 51 getting another ambo, she put in her transfer paperwork and got the job as an EMT at 51. Everyone is so close there; when Hermann bought Molly's, Heidi was one of the team who wanted to get involved from the beginning, and when Shay started to spiral and she split with Mavis and Heidi's sister Dylann, Mavis is the one that knew that this wasn't Shay and that once she got her head straight she would need to kiss Dylann's ass to get her back.
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Madison Perette: Heidi's ex-girlfriend, nurse at Chicago Med. Heidi and Madison met after numerous times of Heidi coming in with her partner, Liam. It started with simple flirting, then Heidi asked Madison out for a drink at Molly's. They dated for a couple of months before Madison broke it off after catching Heidi talking to her friends at 51 and Madison not liking that she was dating someone who was attracted to not just women (Madison identified as a lesbian). To clarify, Heidi was not cheating on Madison, but Madison got aggravated that Heidi didn't have a "set attraction" (like specifically to men or in this case, specifically to women).
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Kelly Severide: Heidi's boyfriend, lieutenant of Squad 3 at Firehouse 51. Kelly and Heidi were always good friends, goofing off and being dorks together. But when Shay died, Kelly went completely off the rails, and Heidi didn't know how to help because she was also mourning her friend. Eventually Kelly got his act together (after marrying that Vegas woman and then divorcing her), and he and Heidi got closer than before; Heidi eventually became almost like a wing woman to him, helping him with women (even tho he never seemed to have a problem, look at him lol). Eventually they grew feelings for one another, Heidi not afraid to give Kelly crap and Kelly liking that she was so assertive. After a hard call where Kelly got burned and Heidi was worried about him, there was a moment where she was helping him with his arm, and before it could be anything, Kelly pulled away. After that, Kelly avoided Heidi, trying to figure out his feelings properly. But after a nasty call that Heidi went on where she ended up being held hostage by a guy with a gun, and being shot in her side, Kelly never left her side. He confessed to her a couple of days later after she got out of the hospital, Kelly offering his place to her to recuperate and heal up as she was staying with Mavis for the last few weeks on her couch (Kelly totally convinced Mavis to have him take care of Heidi, and Mavis responded "Alright, but you better not be screwing with her feelings or I will kick your ass so hard you won't be able to be on shift for weeks.") Heidi first thought that it was a pity thing now that she was hurt, but then Kelly kissed her and Heidi was over the moon.