I found them weirdly through Youtube. I was watching covers from BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and they were covering "Dancing with a Stranger by Sam Smith, Normani" I literally fell in love with their performance and later on watched their other covers from BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. I of course knew them before but I guess I never really cared. After that I listened their latest album which was CALM and now I am here as a fan of them.

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Favorite Member

Ashton. I mean if we were actually friends I 100% know that we would have the best time because him and I are practically the same person.

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Cheat Lane

Calum Hood. When I first got in the fandom I weirdly didn't really care about Calum but as the time went by he really became an important person for me. Also side note he is one of the reasons that made me want to start playing bass guitar.

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Favorite Friendship
Muke although I muss admit it sounds way too much like puke.

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Favorite Album
It has to be CALM the way it sounds so mature like they really found their sound with it. Also I think when I say it's lyrically best written album of theirs everybody would agree on it.

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Favorite Song From Self Titled
Amnesia or English Love Affair

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Favorite Song From Sounds Good Feels Good
I mean it's so hard to choose but it's either Jet Black Heart or Vapor.

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Favorite Song From Youngblood
I swear I am trying to only choose one but I can't. (sorry) Talk Fast or More.

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Favorite Song From CALM
I mean this album is absolute perfection. Red Dessert or Thin White Lies.

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Favorite Music Video

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