Editing, even though comes towards the end of the essay writing process, is also among the most important of all the tasks related to essay writing. As it falls towards the end of the procedure, most students tend to pay less attention to it; sometimes it is because they are running out of time and is forced to make a quick job of it or some other times it is because they don’t consider it important enough. The truth is that, it requires a lot of time and concentration to do a perfect editing job on an academic document. There are many clauses and conditions to be met and each one of them must be carefully checked during essay editing.

Editing an academic essay paper
There are many aspects which are specific to academic papers. The most important of all are the project guidelines which would set the rules for a particular assignment. There would be numerous instructions regarding the framing of the essay, in the guidelines; you must examine each of them carefully while editing an essay.

1. Page length / word limit: Every assignment comes with a page or word limit. The maximum or minimum number of pages allowed would be given in the guidelines. While you are editing your essay, you might need to add or delete words to bring it to the prescribed page limit.

2. Essay structure: The structure of an essay usually consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs or more and a conclusion. The introduction must introduce the topic, give necessary background information on the topic and state the thesis as the last sentence of the paragraph; the body paragraphs are to discuss the main points, one to each paragraph, in detail; the conclusion must conclude the discussion effectively after summarizing the main points and reinstating the thesis. During the essay editing, it must be ensured that all these aspects are in place.

3. The essay format: All academic assignments are to be formatted according to the prescribed format; the same applies to essays also. The manual of the prescribed format must be referred to and each of the instructions must be followed to the finest detail.

4. The reference list: Bibliographic references are of utmost importance while preparing academic essays. You will need to refer to a certain number of sources for the purpose of preparing the essay. The information collected from the sources is to be attributed to them in the reference list. You will need to cite them within the text and also in a separate bibliography section. Check if all the sources have appropriately been cited while you edit your essay.

5. Proof reading: As a part of the essay editing task, you are also required to proof read your essay paper. The grammar, punctuations, sentence structure and spellings must be thoroughly checked. The document must be combed for any kind of flaws that might have escaped you before.

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