Hey hearters! I am here with another article, and this article focusing on my favourite Lana Del Rey songs that I have listened to so far. I have only discovered Lana this year, and I highly recommend if you like soft and deep melodies.

1) Norman F*cking Rockwell

Temporarily removed beach, sunset, and wallpaper image
this songs makes my heart melt in so many ways

2) Video Games

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does this one even need explaining?

3) F*ck it I love you

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makes me miss my ex boyfriend

4) Love song

love song, Lyrics, and lana del rey image
toxic love tings

5) West Coast

Temporarily removed

6) Mariners Apartment Complex

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7) Shades of Cool

lana del rey and shades of cool image

8) Ride

Temporarily removed

9) In My Feelings

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10) Without You

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That's it!

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