hey guys, if you're looking for any vegan or even healthy snack ideas, this article is the one for you.



roasted, snack, and spicy image green, peas, and delicious image
roasted and grilled chickpeas, green peas, homecooked peanuts with spices

how i like to eat them: i don't necessarily have fresh veggies at home, so i use frozen ones that i leave at room temperature before seasoning them with spices like cumin, pepper, salt, paprika etc. before roasting them in the oven for 10-15min


chips, hash brown, and cauliflower image
potatoes, beets, parsnip, sweet potatoes, carrots can be used

how i like to eat them: i simply use season vegetables that i cut with a mandoline, before seassoning them as well before leaving them at low temperature in the oven for them to crisp well


food, avocado, and healthy image green, toast, and avocado toast image
seasoned avocado on a vegan toast, you can add salmon or a poached egg on top

how i like to eat them: i crush an avocado on a grilled toast before adding seasoning and finally i feel boujee haha, i'll add a little extra something that will add crispiness



fresh, water, and brunch image
simple rice crackers that really fill your stomach for the day, some shop sell them with chocolate on one side for more taste

how i like to eat them: some people think they don't taste like much, but i personally don't mind, they are a quick snack that you can take with you anywhere or you can add chocolate, fruits, basically anything to add more taste to it, the really good thing with them is that you eat two as a snack and you'll be full until dinner


bananas, food, and healthy image
those are soooo good, they sell them in small shops but i think you can do them at home they also exist in a salty version

how i like to eat them: i buy those in shops and then just basically carry them with me, i like the salty and sweet version because both are really tasty

i'm done with this article guys, i hope you enjoyed it and that it gave you many ideas :)