Hello my lovely hearters and welcome back to another article!

Today I am going to suggest you some easy-to-accomplish goals to set for 2021 that are also really really helpful and important.

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My planner in the 'Sky blue'

Now, let's proceed to the first goal!

1. Walk more. Get more fresh air

I know that many of you might be quarantined and not allowed to get out of the house but walking really helps you a lot. It's not only a physical activity but it also improves your mood (as all sorts of excersize) and helps you stay energized for the day! Try going for a walk- even a small one around your neighborhood- breathe the fresh air and I am sure you'll soon feel much better!

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2. Talk more & hang out with your friends

Again, I know it's a difficult time to set goals like this but let's hope that this situation will end up soon and we'll get free. If you don't communicate enough with your friends, it's time to socialize more! Send them a message, call them or video chat with them more often! This will bring you closer but it will also improve your mood for sure!

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3. Spend more time with your family

If you still have your family, please spend more time with them. I know they might seem pressing or annoying but most of the time they are doing what they think is best for you, so love them no matter what and always let them know! Time passes by too quickly.

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4. Focus more on yourself

Have you always wanted to start a selfcare routine? Have you always wanted to learn French, or Spanish, or Russian? Start now. It's never too late to start focusing on you and getting closer to your dreams. Write down your goals and every single day do something that brings you closer to them!

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5. Spend time alone

I know I said you should spend more time with your friends and family and I'm not taking that back. But you should also spend time alone, all by yourself, to relax, detoxicate and even find yourself more. You can read books, do a selfcare routine, make yourself a lovely dinner or just sit and watch the stars.

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6. Appreciate everything

This year has certainly been difficult for everyone. I hope you are all doing at least fine. The most important thing we have to keep from 2020 is appreciating everything and everyone we have. Nothing is permanent. Learn to love anything that comes to you, say thank you for the good things and never give up when something goes wrong. You can and you will face everything and the sun will shine again.

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That's all for this article!

I know that these goals might be simple but right now they seem the most important to me.
And remember.
Don't see 2020 as a bad year.
See it as the year you learnt to say 'thank you' for everything you have.

As always, you can find me on instagram @yoursellie

Until the next time,
Stay safe ♥
Yours, Ellie ♥