hello everyone! <3 ive been really inactive these few months because i've been busy :( but here's a lil life update & reflection

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life update
me & my boyfriend broke up but hey it happens. i've successfully did another school year & i can move on to the next level (yay)

i still miss him but i guess it shows that i loved him. our relationship got kinda toxic & i broke it off, but we're still friends & talk :)

i just want anyone who's reading this rn & going through a hard time, be it losing a loved one or going through their own battles - that you're not the reason for all the bad things in your life. things get tough bc life's a bitch, but you're strong & loved. dont ever give up, please !! <3 you will get through this, you will. cut out that toxic shit when u can. it's not easy & it never will be. but one day i know u'll do whats best for you and you'll show the world who's boss. i love u smm ure doing great !!

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please take care of yourselves everyone <3
wear a mask, sanitize, check up on your loved ones, be kind.
lots of love <3<3