Playlist with manly dark vibes focused on Agust D's most recent mixtape: D-2.

Link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/188bL5LRbdm0cKf4AGssx3?si=gdkI4D8jTgGDB6S14SKlxw

SG, suga, and yg image SG, suga, and yg image
Mark - Shahmen
fashion, outfit, and style image grunge, nature, and pale image
Gomd - Sickick
aesthetic, clothes, and discord image aesthetic and lips image
I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd
daft punk, night sky, and retro image daft punk, moon, and music video image
badbye - RM ft eAeon
archive, black and white, and quotes image black and white, boy, and computer image
Save Your Tears - The Weeknd
aesthetic, glass, and heart image aesthetic and photography image
Circles - Post Malone
dystopia, news, and newspapers image dystopia, streets, and dystopian world image
Blue Side (Outro) - J-Hope
amazing, deep, and nature image ocean, beach, and sky image
Abacus - Shahmen
academia, aesthetic, and dark image aesthetic, blurred, and Dream image
Focus On Me - Jus2
focus on me image red, quotes, and aesthetic image

cover: head of a skeleton with a burning cigarette by vincent van gogh