Wrong choices, wondering, where am I ?
Do you know how it is, how tired is my mind ?
Trying to get how they're stayin like that,
stick to a line that's not even right.
Why they're not movin',
will I end up like that ?

But, I don't even know
what I could do, don't know if you get it,
that's why I'm just leaving.
Yeah, sorry if I hurted you, but I don't know my limits,
and I don't want you to be the one who finds them out.

People say it's okay, you're young, you're strong,
but no it's not.
Only saying that 'cause they have known me for the day,
no idea how it looks past 1 AM.

Forehead on the floor, hands on these fucked wrists,
I crossed the line one time
understood why leavin' is so hard that night.

Going throught it everytime
headphones on, rain on, night on
just walking, crying, hoping.