Hi! I thought I'd create an article today dedicated to some of my biggest style influences/ inspirations. Look out for a part 2.
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Bella Hadid

bella hadid and make up image bella hadid, model, and fashion image
Her looks are always so effortlessly chic but also always versatile and make me want to experiment with my style.

FKA twigs

fka twigs and tahliah barnett image fka twigs and tahliah barnett image
Her style is so unique and interesting, every look of hers is a show stopper and how I truly aspire to dress.

Sora Choi

fashion, street fashion, and street style image SFW, street style, and korean model image
The queen of dark/ gothic looks, her looks are always so cool and look like something straight off my Pinterest board.

Zoe Kravitz

fashion, girl, and sunglasses image zoe kravitz image
Her looks are always so effortlessly cool and her 90s/ 00s look never fail to make me fall in love.

Harry Styles

style and Harry Styles image Harry Styles, one direction, and boy image
The king of 70s fashion, Harry's look are always so cool and retro, I aspire to look as cool in suits as he does.

Taylor Momsen

Image by Anastasia Taylor Taylor Momsen and the pretty reckless image
The grunge queen herself, her looks are always true to her aesthetic and I just aspire to look as cool as her one day.

Hunter Schafer

hunter schafer image lq, euphoria, and icon image
As well as having amazing looks as Jules in Euphoria, her looks outside of the show are equally amazing, she constantly looks like an off duty model.

Barbie Ferreira

euphoria, alexa demie, and hbo image barbie ferreira image
Another Euphoria girl who has perfect style outside of their shows character, her looks are so cool and quirky.

Hope you enjoyed!

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