First episodes are important, from them I decide whether I'll keep watching or not because it sets the atmosphere of the kdrama. Every now and then you'll get to a great first episode, one that makes you feel like you have found a precious gemstone. I've looked into my collection of those gemstones and chose the best one (yet). Ready? The best first episode award goes to... While You Were Sleeping.

I remember when I watched it I was completely awestruck, gasping and feeling excited with every scene, and when it finished I thought: now that's a first episode. Because it was P.E.R.F.E.C.T. (I watched it again to write this entry and let me tell you, I fell in love with it again because it is that good).


  • You get all the feels. Is funny, then there's action, then is sad, and then there's more action.
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  • You don't expect all those twists and turns (in just one episode!) I'm just saying, I was at the edge of my seat for the whole episode.
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  • Watching Suzy and Lee Jong Suk in a kdrama is already a delight for my eyes but is even better when they play such adorable protagonists.
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  • We get a perfect circle in the story a.k.a, we start and end with the same scene. The whole episode is to get to know what happens in between those scenes.
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  • The bests first episodes need to make you want more. That's why this one is a success.
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