Agate Gemstone is one gorgeous gemstone that has color patterns and bands, like the planet Saturn, that grabs the most eyeballs. Agate was used to make rings, seals and jewelry and is made of a variety of chalcedony which in turn is a type of quartz. Agates have been utilized as gemstones for a large number of years. They were the absolute soonest stones molded by individuals. Today they are cut into cabochons, dabs, little figures, and utilitarian articles, for example, paperweights and bookends.
Agates arrive in a wide assortment of regular hues, earthy colored, red, lilac, pink, yellow just as dark, dim and white however as it is a significant permeable gemstone it takes color very well so come splendidly shaded or even hued pearls may well have been treated along these lines.
What is Agate Gemstone?
It is opaque or transparent Chalcedony quartz and comes with bands like the bark of a tree. While it is a favorite of the jewelers, it is presently revolutionizing the Interior Decoration industry Globally!

Types of this Patterned Gemstone

You will be amazed at the sheer variety of Agate colors/varieties available. They include Iris, Madagascar, Nevada Dendrite, Condor, Moroccan, Onyx, Pink Eye, Moss, Fire, Holley Lace, Tube and Plume and Blue Lace Agate.

Benefits of this unique subtle and colorful Agate Gemstone
1. It cools your body
It is said to have a cooling effect, so much so that, it is able to cool your stomach and decrease body temperature in case of fever. It is also found to reduce blood pressure and sugar.
2. Establishes Positivity
This gemstone can help you accept things and situations in a new and positive perspective. You will soon cultivate such lovely and positive feelings as calmness, peace, and appreciation without any difficulty.
3. Helps you to Contemplate
Agate stone carvings in the surroundings will encourage you to examine self. You might discover new hidden talents that you might have and never noticed as you run the race course of life!
4. Helps people with Sleep Disorders
This gemstone in your bedroom can soothe your nerves and lull your body to sleep, giving a rest for the brain to refresh. It is especially good for senior citizens and people with sleep apnea.
5. Durable and can be used for Gemstone Carvings
It is very durable with a hardness of 7 and can be made into eye-catching lampshades, Chandeliers, table tops, window panels, gemstone carvings like Buddha’s head, Ganesha, Laxmi, Saraswathi and even entire walls.
6. Renders Sophistication to your rooms
No two gemstones are similar. Imagine what these myriad colors, sleek combinations, and wavy gorgeous bands can do to your interiors
7. Endorsed by astrologers
Even Astrologers recommend Agate for its healing and mystic powers and as a link to Jupiter.
8. Helps Smokers
Some types of Agate help kick the smoking habit. It is beneficial for people addicted to smoking.

We at Ma Passion try to collect gemstones that are rare for their color, clarity, and structure. The mining area or source of each gemstone is carefully studied and only when we are sure of the quality of the gemstone rough, do we buy it and hand it over to our master karigars for carving. The karigars are encouraged to hone their talents by using cutting-edge tools leading to precision carving and polish. Our Karigars and the entire team of Ma Passion feel privileged and honored that we are able to safeguard the old and very special Indian art form that is gemstone carving.

In Agate, we have various statues which are beautiful as well as rare, for example, the beautifully carved Polar bear statue in Blue Agate and Buddha head in Pink agate.
Now that you know the benefits of Agate and right place to get it, talk to us to decide how best we can usher it into your homes and lives.