we all know charli is perfection right? yea. But she has problems in her life also. She broke up with Chase (lilhuddy), then they got in a huge fight all over twitter. The ex couple apologized and they are good friends now. But whoever is saying, ¨oh you don´t deserve him¨ or ¨don´t get back with him he missed out¨. Yeaaa He ¨Missed Out¨. BUT SHE IS A TEEN SHE HAS FREEDOM. STOP CONTROLLING HER LIKE A KID SHE KNOWS HOW TO DO STUFF. she gets sad, mad, and happy like all of us. So yea. Her friend got bodyshamed. Kouvr Annon was bodyshamed. But charli shot back with a true remark that we shouldn´t bodyshame just like people thought addi was fat. Don´t bodyshame charli either its not right. She is very sweet and she even said black lives matter i love her. So thats all i had to say. bye.