โ€œ all sad people like poetry. โ€œ
โ€” Vanessa Ives

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๐“๐“ช๐“ถ๐“ฎ: Emma Murphy
๐“‘๐“ฒ๐“ป๐“ฝ๐“ฑ๐“ญ๐“ช๐“ฝ๐“ฎ: September 13, 1867
๐“๐“ฐ๐“ฎ: 24 years old

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she sees love everywhere, defined a hopeless romantic, she has a good and genuine soul, always ready to help others and sacrifices herself for people who need the most. Her powers and self-discovery will complicate her life, making her have mood swings, insomnia and paranoia.


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the only thing she had left was the dance, she dreamed of becoming a successful dancer. She spent hours at the opera studying the movements of the actresses and the various performances. She imagined herself dancing and thinking about that romantic concept concentrated in the supernatural world of spirits and magic where often showed women as passive, pure and fragile.


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Even for Vanessa it becomes difficult to find out if Emma is a witch (a daywalker like her) or a human with gifts. But one thing is certain, intuition and divination had them in her blood. She is able to see the spirits of the dead and had a knowledge of the occult world that was too developed for a girl who grew up illiterate.


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the perception of the feelings and emotions of others, will lead her to lose control over her own feelings, becoming a sponge that absorbs negative energy.


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Born in a small poor town in England, she grows up cultivating fields and living in misery, right there in the peak of her adolescence she will meet Dalia, a girl one year older than her, the two will begin to know each other and much more than a friendship will be born. Physical and mental abuse by Dalia's parents and poverty by Emma's family will force them to make a love escape at the age of seventeen. The two will end up in London where they will start begging to survive, Emma spends most of her time in front of the opera and it is in that refuge defined as magical by her where she will meet Dorian Gray who will give her an idea for easy money: prostitution. Exactly a year passed and Dalia had no idea how they had managed to raise all that money. Meanwhile Emma continued her work in secret and formed a beautiful friendship with Brona Croft, unfortunately when Jack the Ripper's attacks began she lost all contact with her. She even began to spend a short time in the inn where she stayed with Dalia and start to stay at the opera where she aspired to a career as a ballet dancer. She imagined herself circling in the air with white dresses that represented purity while black rose petals rained on the smooth wooden floor making it become a soft bed for the swan's landing. In the backstage she often saw a pale coarse man. Intrigued, she decided to talk to him and she will notice the various scars, as if that mysterious creature had been glued into various pieces as if it were a broken vase but too precious to be thrown away. His name is Caliban, it will remain a mystery to her because he does not want to scare her by telling her the truth. The two will often find themselves making profound talks about life and death and it is precisely in that period that Emma will begin to notice her greatest weakness: the perception of the feelings and emotions of others. Dalia for her part was getting worse day by day due to tuberculosis and at the age of twenty she will die. The void left will cause Emma to discover her powers and make her weakness worse. It will be at that moment where she will ask for help from Caliban who, despite the hatred towards the one who abandoned him, will lead her to Victor Frankenstein who, not being able to help her and seeing her in crisis, will take her to Ferdinand Lyle who will help her as best he can and teach her to write and to read. He will notice that Emma has the same powers as Vanessa, so he decides to take her to the ball to let her know and to introduce her to Sir Malcom as she could be useful in the missions. But she will refuse and will focus on controlling her powers thanks to Vanessa who will help her weaken them. During the ball, she will see the charming man who helped her when she was still staying in the cold streets of London. He was the only one to whom she could not perceive emotions and this will lead her to be attracted to him. He for his part recognized her and that was the night that changed her destiny forever.


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Dorian Gray, after the death of Dalia, between them a toxic love will be born, Emma wants to discover his secret and the reason why he has a negative aura around him. When she arrives at a point of no return, she will run away and abandon her beloved work and her dream because after having discovered Dorian's secret she has no more escape from death. She will join the circus and disappear from that magical and melancholy city that hosted her for eight years of her life.
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The creature a.k.a Caliban, their friendship was unexpected, she felt comfort in him, they talked about many things, they told each other their dreams, they talked about life and death. And while he taught her the wisdom of lost poets, she taught him the life yet to be discovered.
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Victor Frankenstein, he met her thanks to Caliban, and she felt his emotions much more than the others, she noticed how much anger, sadness and loneliness he felt and tried to be close to him.
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Ferdinand Lyle, he met her thanks to Victor, he decided to help her and since she was illiterate, he taught her to read and write, he noticed her immense talent for occult and egyptian knowledge despite the fact that he had not yet taught her those things.
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Brona Croft, met her when she became a prostitute. She helped her integrate and taught her the basics, they lost contact when the mysterious Jack the Ripper appeared in local newspapers for yet another victim.
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Sembene, began to meet him every time she went to sir. Malcomโ€™s house to meet Vanessa, she did not see him as a servant but as a friend.
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Vanessa Ives, the only true female friend she ever had, in her she will find a sister she never had, a family.