This is just my observation, not at all accurate representation of CARATs with this bias. Please tag me if you thought this was relatable or somewhat correct.

🌟 Choi Seungcheol | S.Coups

17, carat, and svt image 17, carat, and svt image
  • You miss him always
  • You care a lot for others even more than yourself
  • You take relationships with people very seriously
  • Make sure everyone is okay ❤️
  • Great advice giver
  • Phat ass (had to say it)
  • You make sure he doesn't go a day not knowing he's L O V E D
  • When things don’t go your way you start to overthink life
  • When one bad thing happens you completely give up
  • You prefer happiness over money any day
  • Was emotionally scarred after watching his Hit The Road episode

🌟 Yoon Jeonghan

17, pinky, and carat image Seventeen, jeonghan, and vocal team image
  • Spent like 48 hours crying over THAT comeback teaser picture
  • You literally don't know how to not tease someone (out of love of course)
  • You're probably short (like me)
  • A mf BRAT
  • Miss his long hair (RIP)
  • Literally always tired
  • Wanna take care of him
  • Literal GENIUS
  • Definitely not an angel
  • You’re gifted in the arts and are introverted
  • Pretty U, Fear, and/or DWC is probably your favorite SVT title
  • Love or hate pet names, no in between
  • Obsessed over the Fear MV
  • If you don't have a crush on him, you're lying

🌟 Hong Jisoo | Joshua

Seventeen, 17, and visual image Seventeen, joshua, and diamond life image
  • Have had sunday morning stuck in your head at least once
  • You seem soft but have major duality
  • Freaking cute tbfh
  • Morning coffee is mandatory
  • Will spoil their significant other & loved ones
  • Neat Freak 😉
  • Seriously wants him to sing them a lullaby every night
  • Lives for his English & Josh in LA content
  • Screams when his part in EVERY song comes on
  • Fear dance practice Joshua 💕❤️♥️💓💗
  • You say you're a soft stan but are all for that workout content

🌟 Wen Junhui | Jun

jun, Seventeen, and wen junhui image jun, Seventeen, and wen junhui image
  • You'll laugh at everything
  • Jokes alot (maybe too much)
  • Sarcastic
  • Ships China Line
  • Literally have his (many) habits MEMORIZED
  • Find everything he does endearing
  • Barely survives when he posts a selca
  • Mostly tall mfs
  • Do you even sleep?
  • Posted once on weverse then deleted the app 🙃
  • Just go with the flow
  • Will buy random things because of the aesthetic packaging
  • Can go for hours on your phone
  • Has a guilty pleasure for romance novels/show/movies/ etc

🌟 Kwon Soonyoung | Hoshi

17, bss, and carat image 17, bss, and carat image
  • Don't know what he's doing half the time but go with it anyways
  • Make sure people know he's a dance GOD
  • No.1 Change Up fans
  • Band aid Hoshi 💚
  • Also get no sleep cause Weverse
  • You guys clown him a lot too 🤣
  • Is low-key sick of HORANGHAE
  • Is not afraid to call someone out 
  • Watches an unhealthy amount of Tik Tok
  • Don't see tigers anymore, only Hoshi
  • Secretly wants to go back to school in the middle of summer

🌟 Jeon Wonwoo

Seventeen and wonwoo image Seventeen and wonwoo image
  • Very observant
  • Prolly very good at photography
  • Loves the rain
  • Likes to be inside or outside based on your mood
  • Can’t stand loud/crowded places
  • His smile 💙 The best
  • Lost your shit over his helix piercing 💙
  • Prolly loves cats
  • Cause This man is the embodiment of a feline
  • Un Haeng Il Chi
  • F E A R L E S S
  • Effortlessly Sexy
  • Loves coming of age movies
  • Plays Back It Up too much
  • Cried for days after watching their MAMA Opening

🌟 JIHOON | Woozi

17, carat, and svt image 17, carat, and svt image
  • Hardworkers
  • Prolly laugh at dad jokes but not in an ironic way
  • Tbh you're probably tall
  • Will not rest until he gets the recognition he deserves
  • Also no.1 Change Up stan
  • Want to hug him even if he doesn't like skinship
  • In love with that little head shake thing he does when embarrassed 😊
  • Intimating in person
  • Home and/or Thanks is your favorite SVT title 
  • When you take a walk in nature, it reminds you why you’re living

🌟 Xu Minghao | The8

Seventeen, the eight, and xu minghao image Seventeen, the eight, and xu minghao image
  • Literally you never refer to him as his stage name
  • Probably have said 'I'm not like most girls/guys/people'
  • Force yourself to drink wine even if you hate it
  • Could listen to him speak all day every day
  • Haollet ❤️ especially with black hair
  • In love with his giggles
  • You prolly see him in your dreams a lot
  • Want to be fashionable but have no clothes
  • You won’t get up early if there’s no reason to
  • In your family you get nagged the most
  • Loves Kermit the Frog a lot more

🌟 Kim Mingyu

17, idol, and rapper image rapper, 17, and visual image
  • You're short and you know it
  • Y'all the softest people in the world
  • Get excited easily
  • Also confused
  • Prolly a dog person
  • Miss red hair gyu and want him back
  • Man's 6'2 but an actual baby and u treat him as so ❤️
  • Literally just want to hug him and never let go
  • You are super thoughtful
  • Daydreams about him cooking for you
  • Put things in the cart when your parents weren’t looking when you were little

🌟 Lee Seokmin | Dokyeom | DK

bss, DK, and dokyeom image bss, DK, and dokyeom image
  • Praise him any chance you get (rightfully so)
  • Cry when he posts a guitar cover
  • Low-key always nervous
  • But always super smiley 😁
  • Always super nice
  • Thinks too much about what others think of you
  • And a lot of you are hard stans I mean have you seen his thighs?
  • Wants every hour to be golden hour
  • Prefers soft/cute concepts
  • King Arthur DK 💜

🌟 Boo Seungkwan

Seventeen, seungkwan, and boo seungkwan image happy birthday, Seventeen, and vocal team image
  • Quiet then pop out of NOWHERE
  • "I heard someone say Seungkwan"
  • Emotional on ALL LEVELS
  • Cry whenever he posts a pic of himself (dw me too)
  • Y'all so loving towards everyone
  • But also super intimidating
  • Overwork yourselves a lot
  • You probably have unjust low self-esteem
  • Just super proud of him
  • Always up for adventures
  • Prefers Snapchat over Instagram

🌟 Chwe Hansol | Vernon

Seventeen, hansol, and hip hop team image Seventeen, hansol, and hip hop team image
  • Super chill except for when it comes to vernon
  • Can cook very well but won't admit it
  • Full of laughter
  • The most loyal people I've ever seen
  • Wants to jam with him
  • Think about pre-debut Vernon more than you should
  • Adore the way he carries himself
  • Actually the cutest human beings
  • Adore U, HIT, and/or Fear is probably your favorite SVT title
  • Replays his part in Smile Flower
  • You must accessorize or the outfit is not complete
  • You have freckles/moles/beauty marks
  • Loves those Vernon & Tobi Lou interactions

🌟 Lee Chan | Dino

Seventeen image dino, svt, and kpop image
  • You hype the shit out of him and it's amazing
  • Have a playlist of Dino's danceology
  • Want Dino's Snap Shoot verse playing at your grad/funeral/etc
  • You Love the MAN he has turned into
  • Also the most loyal fans
  • Y'all really are passionate folks
  • You enjoy online shopping
  • You believe self love will solve all your problems
  • His laugh makes ur heart sing
  • Prolly watched a compilation of just him laughing on YT
  • Loves Otter Dino
  • Has Zero on Repeat!

The End! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did!

17, bss, and carat image 17, bss, and carat image
(P.S. My best friend helped me write this and it was really fun! She's also a huge Carat like me! This took a lot longer than I thought it would because we argued a lot and couldn't decide on certain things.)

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