Guys I just discovered what it was to love for the first time in my life!
It's extraordinary.
But I also discovered what it is to love when what is not reciprocal.
And it's horrible.
I always have been the kind of person who only gives material gifts, I do it heartily, because I like to please those I love.
Except that I had never before him offered a part of my heart and my soul in my gifts and even less an immaterial gift.
If someone offered the same thing I would have appreciate, but I wouldn't have guessed the value of this gesture, at least not before having experienced it.
I feel like I have offered a part of my soul to this person, but isn't that love? Stars in the eyes , a smile on your lips.
Then come the tears which run down the cheeks which for a few hours rather bounced with each smile emitted.
It is a dull pain; to love without return.
It is difficult to characterize, because after all ... what matters to me is his happiness even if he is with another person .
After all, this is life, this is how it's predicted to be.