hello guys. This is my first article on we heart it and i wanted to share my spotify playlists i made a while ago. I hope you like them :)
  • Purple Skies


aesthetic, purple, and sunset image chill, drink, and sunset image grunge, tumblr, and friends image sky, sunset, and pink image
My go to playlist. It has all my favorite songs. The evergreen one.
  • If My Sadness Were A Playlist.


girl, aesthetic, and grunge image Image by Private User grunge, dark, and tumblr image girl, smoke, and cigarette image
I listen to this playlist when I'm sad. Just to be more sad :)))
  • 🌃⚰️


aesthetic, cars, and city image bed, room, and bedroom image city, night, and aesthetic image archive, goth, and church image
playlist to vibe at night.
  • A bus in the rain back to where I belong.


rain, autumn, and cozy image train, aesthetic, and dark image aesthetic, bus, and girl image aesthetic, bus, and city image
this playlist is beautiful.

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