credit / inspo:

The rules:
- Open your playlist
- Put on random mode
- Press play
- For each question below, write the name of the song that is playing
- Advance a song when you move on to the next question
(the questions below are different from the original)

• Opening Credits
Spiderhead - Cage The Elephant

Image by GRAY sky, ferreira, and sky ferreira image

• Theme of your birth
Ladders - Mac Miller

clouds image Image removed

• First day at school
Time Machine - WILLOW

90s, aesthetic, and fashion image Angelina Jolie, art, and lips image

• First fight
Objects in the Mirror - Mac Miller

actress, Angelina Jolie, and celebrity image grunge image

• First loving frustration
Heaven or Las Vegas - The Weeknd

Image by Private User zendaya image

• Theme of your school life
Pain Killer - Iceage ft. Sky Ferreiria

90s, hackers, and movie image Image by GRAY

• Theme of your adult life
C U Girl - Steve Lacy

bambi, goals, and green image 1990s, art, and painting image

• Song that defines your relationship
Alrighty Aphrodite - Peach Pit

Image by GRAY james king and davide sorrenti image

• Song that defines your art
Pretty Boys Cry - Adore Delano

david bowie, Christiane F, and movie image art and basquait image

• First song played in your car
Violent - Grapetooth

frank ocean image downtown 81 image

• Theme of your flashbacks
Basement Jack - Steve Lacy

gif, lost in my bedroom, and sky ferreira image christiane f., bahnhof zoo, and german image

• Song that will be playing when you die
Lovers Rock - TV Girl

angel, yellow, and aesthetic image Image by GRAY

• Song that will be playing on your funeral
For K - Lizzy Grant

90s, aesthetic, and edit image sky ferreira and downhill lullaby image

• Final credits
Hazel - Roy Blair

aesthetic, vintage, and retro image music and frank ocean image