Today's article is about self love. I'm posting this a day late because again, I couldn't stay up to write the article since I'm trying to build a good sleep schedule.

Quick overview

1. Exercise every day
Yesterday I did Chloe Ting's slim thigh challenge and I actually really enjoyed it! I'm considering doing it again today on top of my workout plan.
[ ✓ ] completed

2. Study (languages) daily
I actually didn't study any languages yesterday, but I did do some maths, so I'm counting this as a win,
[ ✓ ] completed

3. Read for 30 minutes
No reading was done yesterday. (;-; )
[ ✗ ] incomplete

4. Keep a decent sleep schedule
Unfortunately this was kind of fail too. Still, I won't give up.
[ ✗ ] incomplete

Loving yourself

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Loving yourself is really important for a lot of different reasons. I found an article last week which helped me find a more positive perspective, although at the time I didn't know how significant it would actually be.

So, today I spent a good few minutes sifting through articles on the discover page because I really wanted you guys to see it too.

The part on how to not compare yourself was the most helpful to me, and changing up my outlook has actually motivated me not to miss a day of working out.

Self love is not selfish

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Self love is not selfish at all! Loving yourself means you look out for yourself, your happiness and your health. Everyone's journey is different.

A lot of people have been inspired by BTS' Love Yourself album series in which the band gave people a positive message about self love.

One of their songs is particularly special to me, and while I was writing this article it kind of dawned on me that I'd never searched up the lyrics. When I saw them though, the meaning was incredibly similar to what I guessed they might be (the power of the language of music).

Anyway, my point is that music and songs can also be very helpful in your self love journey. I hadn't considered any of this yet during mine, but I think music is such a powerful thing and listening to messages like this can be incredibly inspiring.

A self love playlist

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Epiphany - BTS
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Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeild
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Answer: Love Myself - BTS
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This Is Me - Keala Settle, The Greatest Showman Ensemble
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Don't Be so Hard on Yourself - Jess Glynne

These are just a couple but there's lots more inspiration, playlists and songs you can find online. I'll leave you with some positive articles from other WeHeartIt writers that I loved, found informative, or thought might be useful for some of you:

Thanks for reading and I hope this article motivated you, even though it was a bit long! :)

Love, Blue

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