Short nails; hidden tattoos; pale skin; heterochromia; earl grey tea; city lights; dyed hair; art museums; dark circles; mind filled up with quotes and lungs filled up with smokes; ceraunophilia; dirty converses; watching disney movies until 3am; doodles drawn on the corners of notebook pages; burning paper; vanilla scent; greek philosophers; braces; soft kisses on the cheeks; the neighbourhood songs; girl power; piercings; oversized hoodies; marble sculptures; the sound of sea waves when crashing onto the rocks; long, dark and empty hallways; bruised lips; anti social social club; dancing in the rain; cold hands; wiping away the tears when no one is watching; me? sarcastic? never; bloody knuckles; music playlists for every occasion; dog person; going to bed without taking off the makeup; getting up early to watch the sunrise.

quotes, green, and motivation image dress, fashion, and green image aesthetic, slytherin, and quotes image slytherin, hogwarts, and green image Image by Rosalie H. ♡ aesthetic, femme fatale, and gif image aesthetic, museum, and friends image architecture, castle, and harry potter image quidditch, slytherin, and green image black hearts club image