Hey guys! So in today's article I decided to talk a little bit about myself :). I hope this is entertaining for you guys (even just the slightest bit).

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Facts About Me

‣ I am 15 years old

‣ My birthday is December 21. (I am turning 16 at the end of this year)

‣ I am now a Sophomore in high school, but I am supposed to be a Junior (My birthday affected me entering school so I got held back a grade)

‣ I am 4'11, yes I know I'm short :( & I weigh 100 pounds but since quarantine started I have been gaining weight

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‣ I was a cheerleader in middle school 6th-8th grade

‣ I was kinda popular in middle school

‣ I am Bisexual

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Things I like

‣ I love Mexican food (I'm Mexican American so duh)

‣ I love Pewdiepie he's probably the only person I watch on YouTube now since it's kinda boring

‣ I love Mac Miller

‣ I love Frank Ocean

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‣ I love Tyler, the Creator

‣ Skater boys have my heart. So do Indie and Alt girls

‣ I love Breaking Bad but I have SOOO many more favorite shows

Anyways... Thanks for reading all of that if you did! Again I hope this was interesting / entertaining. I hope you all have a good day / night:)<3.

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