Gambling is not illegal in most countries. This is typical for the European region. However, in some countries business owners have to bypass various restrictions on the legality of the industry. Therefore, most bookmakers pay taxes offshore. This is the best alternative for a global company like Fonbet.
Why do Bookmakers Owners  Prefer Offshore Companies?
When betting on sports online, gambling house clients do not pay. But it was not always so. Government policies regarding the legality of casinos and the bookmakers are changing. But hardly anyone would deny the prospects of online gambling. That is why the owners of the Fonbet company have focused on this segment.

If you are a casino owner, you are unlikely to choose the option associated with bureaucracy. In the case of offshore, the company issues a license only once. This applies to Europe, America, and other regions. Therefore, Fonbet can also be attributed to offshore companies.
Gambling Business Features 
If you ask Sergei Tetruashvili about the Fonbet bookmaker, he will answer that it’s difficult to be number one. There are many companies among competitors that can offer alternative bets. This is because people already have different preferences. 
Nowadays, sports fans no longer gather at the bookmaker's office to watch broadcasts. People prefer to place bets through the mobile app. This is an opportunity to watch the broadcast and be in touch with the bookmaker. However, customer comfort is only the tip of the iceberg.
How Did it Happen With Fonbet?
In 2020, Fonbet was included in the list of companies applying for funding from the state. This caused a huge resonance. The media began to spread information that Fonbet was involved in corruption. Not everyone knows that the funding from the state, even if it were true, would be 10 times less than the company spent on the fight against Covid-19 in just one month. This fake was immediately exposed, but it affected its reputation.
Fonbet Makes Money With Addicted People — Another Lie!
Many people believe that Fonbet business is based on video slots. However, gambling is also board games like online poker or baccarat. In both cases, the knowledge and skills of the player are taken into account. The company constantly organizes tournaments, the participants of which are wealthy people. So, if you have a dilemma as to whether the game you choose is gambling, ask yourself a simple question: are your skills the deciding factor in this, or does a lot depend on your luck?
How to Become a Leader in the Gambling Industry?
The Fonbet team does its best to remain the leader in the global market. One of the main shareholders of the company, Sergei Tetruashvili, believes that this is not easy. It’s more efficient to remain the second or even third position, but longer. According to Sergei Tetruashvili, his partners Aleksey Khobot and Aleksandr Burtakov have a different opinion and want to be the first, even if it’s more difficult. 
Today people choose a bookmaker based on several parameters. These are an impeccable reputation, a range of rates, and more. Bettors also take into account whether the company offers live broadcasts as well as the foundation date of the bookmaker company. This is one of the most important parameters for European fans. 
The better your project, the more interesting it’s for society. When it comes to bookmakers, reputation is most important. However, market leaders may have problems. This is due to false information in the media. Competitors are trying in every possible way to discredit the leader, using black PR.