hi. this is my first time using here to write something.

today, i wanna talk about the songs i listen to these days or past couple of months. and let me tell, it's so complicated. and i don't know why. anyways, i'm just gonna write some examples.

benz truck - lil peep
ugh - bts
the whole electra heart album by marina
watermelon sugar - harry styles
black swan - bts
fine line - harry styles
leave the city - twenty one pilots
basquiat - pentagon
set me free - agust d
witchblades - lil peep
without me - halsey

i mean look at this shit. i really don't know how i'm feeling, it just switches so fast. btw this is just a few part of the songs that i listen. maybe in the future i'll do a song recommendation blog. anyways thank you for coming to my ted talk.