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Shave my head

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At the moment I have long hair and i like it, but I saw this one TikTok and this girl started listing things why is it great to shave your head and that inspired me to do that
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But I can't because my parents started complaining how would I look like and basically they are people who things that young girls should have long hair.
So now I'm just in this sad mood and I don't even know if I want to do that :/
But it's just hair, they WILL grow back and I feel like I would look so badass in my school because no one has ever done that (any girl) and this hairstyle would look so cool with my "first day in school" outfit
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Also I always liked those "Kpop idol hairstyles", they are hella fine and i would have that when my hair would grow longer, but yeah that's a dream for now :]
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Buy close and shoes

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I'm very unhappy with my current relationship with my closet.
I just don't get inspired looking at my close and wearing them. I don't wear more than half of my close. I do not really have a specific style.
I just like street, casual/classic, girly, luxury/fancy wear and what I like to call "Kpop idol fashion" (I know that they wear the styles I mentioned (and much more) but those people are my biggest inspiration so I just wanted to separate it)
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And what I have in my closet is like a mix of classic, 90's, girly, skateboarders fashion and just a bunch of random pieces of clothing. Yeah a freakin' mess.
99% of my close are thrifted because I don't support fast fashion. So I really like to go trifting, but my parents don't support that
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They don't support my fashion style that I want to achieve and they also don't like that I spend my money on close. My parents are those people who thinks that you just wear what you have. They don't look at the fashion the way I do
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Buy and wear makeup

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So I have never wore makeup, but in this quarantine I really got inspired by "Kpop idols/Asian makeup" and TikTok to try wearing it.
I love those natural makeup looks, with blushy cheeks, rose/nude lips and bold or with sparkles colors on eyelids.
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But yeah my parents again don't support the idea of me wearing makeup. I think they think that I'm too young, I'm sixteen btw, so yeah.
But I think it is a normal age to start wearing make up, especially if you like it and it gives you joy.
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Getting piercings

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I have two piercings in my left ear and three in my right ear, but I would like to have more of them.
They are just really pretty to me, but my parents doesn't think that way.
I got my second piercings on my birthday as the main gift, so basically they only let me get it if there's a special occasion and I really hate that...
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Buy Kpop stuff

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I mean albums, merch, random cute stuff like stickers from etsy. You know I'm making my own money so I wonder why can't I spent them the way I want.
I have been a Kpop stan for over a year now and i don't have any kpop stuff.
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And I know that you don't have to have any of those stuffs to shove that you support them and you like them.
But some of groups really mean to me a lot, they made me happy when I was sad and scared, their music helped me to get trough my panic attacks and supported my company when I was alone.
And getting for example an album of group I like would be a really awesome gift for myself.
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