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fashion, drink, and wine image ponytail, girl, and pink image

best feature

Image by Marina🦋 beautiful, beauty, and girl image
eyes & lips


aesthetic, girl, and yellow image evil, girls, and grunge image
yellow 'n purple

deepest regret

sky, clouds, and lightning image Image by o b i
being here

everyday starts with...

Temporarily removed Image removed
coffee & music, always

fashion style

fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed
hoodie/t-shirt/sweatshirt, leggings and sneakers. that's it.


books image girl, aesthetic, and travel image
i would like to publish a few books & travel all around the world

height and hair color

couple, aesthetic, and love image beautiful, beauty, and brunette image
5'5 [1.67 cm] and dark brown, almost black

in love with...

bibliophile, fruit, and photography image bed, book, and books image
reading, writing & music

job of my dreams

Image removed road, lonely, and grunge image
forensic psychology

kind of things i look for in a partner

aesthetic, loyalty, and fabiano scuderi image quotes, trust, and faith image
loyalty and trust, amongst other things

last thing i ate

Image removed dessert image
bolognese spaghetti and baba de camelo, a portuguese dessert

movie i can rewatch over and over again

christmas image Image removed
home alone, ocean's eight and a lot more 🙈

number of siblings

Temporarily removed kiyah_kash image
i live with my younger brother and know one of my sisters. i don't have contact with the others

one song you can't stop listening to

grunge, aesthetic, and cd image music, cassette, and tape image
keep you mine — NOTD, SHY martin

person i last texted

90s, actress, and aesthetics image Temporarily removed
this guy who's interested in me and can't take the hint

question i get asked the most

girl, aesthetic, and model image Image by o b i
age 'n what i want to do with my life

reason why i smile

Image by ℒŮℵẴ funny and twitter image
animals, funny jokes or people idk

skincare tips

body art, chill, and eye mask image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
my skin hates me ngl, if you need tips i recommend @ skincarebyhyram on tiktok


Image by tenderlygirl Image by .
something small with meaning and even in other languages

unpopular opinion

archive, icons, and random image me, funny, and twitter image
riverdale sucks, k-pop is kinda overrated and a lot more, maybe i'll do an article on this topic 😌

vacation destination

aesthetic art, United States of America, and architecture design image beautiful, beauty, and italy image
italy, indonesia & thailand

worst habits of mine

Image removed Temporarily removed
overthinking, afraid of saying no, no self-esteem/confidence

x-rays i've had

bones image aesthetic, dark, and edgy image
head, hand, knee and i think that's all

youtubers i watch

youtuber, merch, and mia maples image makeup, meme, and funny image
mia maples, simplynailogical, jazzybum, rachhloveslife, gloom, jazzy vlogs, azzyland, stella cini, annalise wood, mypolarbear, roxxsaurus, this trippy hippie, heyitsthalia, ally salort (covers), lynnea m. (covers)

zodiac sign

Temporarily removed pink, jorja smith, and aesthetic image


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