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alice ; chaotic academia
brown, soft, and teens image aesthetic, books, and dark academia image book, reading, and vintage image aesthetic and music image book, aesthetic, and fashion image aesthetic, alternative, and art image
cigarettes, daydreams, leather, heels clicking on a marble floor.
alyssa ; museumcore
art, aesthetic, and painting image book, library, and art image art, girl, and aesthetic image dress, fashion, and girls image Image removed art, statue, and aesthetic image
sunlight filtering through windows, satin ribbons, painted clouds.
madisen ; y2k
aesthetic, indie, and saturation image indie, indie kid, and indie room image friends, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic, indie, and indie kid image indie image aesthetic, indie, and shoes image
shutting a flip phone, bubble gum, fish eye lenses.
rebecca ; studycore
book, coffee, and college image book, vintage, and reading image book, vintage, and rare image book, coffee, and study image Image by tenderlygirl study image
soft music through headphones, clicking a pen, black coffee.
christina ; campcore
beautiful, comfortable, and hammock image vintage, music, and vinyl image friends, indie, and vintage image apple tree, apples, and fruit image girl image music and radio image
humid heat, rainbows, friendship bracelets, lake swimming.
anthony ; citycore
art, buildings, and new york image city and new york image buildings, city, and new york image new york and new york city image city, travel, and new york image 5th avenue, city lights, and nyc image
cold night air, flashing neon signs, puffer jackets, being alive.
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