inspired by :

1. which male idol would you trust to hold your drink at a party while you're away

jaemin, nct dream, and nct image hyunjin, skz, and felix image blue, smile, and lq image bts, jhope, and lq image
jaemin, hyunjin, hongjoong, & hoseok

2. which idol would you go to for life advice?

girls generation, kpop, and snsd image big bang, g-dragon, and bigbang image twice, jihyo, and kpop image f(x), luna, and kpop image
tiffany, jiyong, jihyo, & luna

3. which idol would you trust as president?

stray kids image rose, kpop, and blackpink image jaehyun, nct, and icon image irene image
chris, chaeyoung, jaehyun, & joohyun

4. which idol, according to you, would accept to pretend to be your bf/gf in order to get a creepy guy/girl to leave you alone?

kpop, taeyong, and wayv image lisa, rose, and blackpink image itzy, ryujin, and kpop image kpop, monday, and vintage image
yutae, chaelisa, ryujin, & jellyday

5. which idol, according to you, would pay for you if you were out in public and out of money

nct, jeno, and nct dream image april, kpop, and naeun image chungha and ioi image icon, kpop, and selca image
jeno, naeun, chungha, & minkyeung