hey! honestly i've never really loved myself, like i had a lot of trouble really accepting everything about myself. i've had issues with self-image and confidence, but luckily i've been transitioning to a happier, healthier mindset. although actually accepting and loving yourself is a long process, i'm far enough on this journey to be happy with myself. there are many times that i'm insecure or feel down, those days are few. i want you to know that you are beautiful and great, even though you may feel uncertain in yourself, it a journey, and you will reach your destination.

chapter one: yourself

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ask questions about yourself; what is it that you don't like? what do you like? your personality? your looks? don't say you don't like anything, find at least three things you love about yourself and go from there.
personally i love my height (tall girl lMAO), my humor, and my facial structure. yeah, these things are kind of weird and specific, but there still a part of me :')

chapter two: reasons

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find the reasons that keep you from accepting yourself. what makes you so insecure? do you need validation from others or yourself? there are a lot of things we can't change about ourselves, and accepting our 'flaws' takes time, a lot of it. identify the reasons that are holding you back.
i don't like many things about myself, there are many, many things i still don't love. but i've accepted my flaws and i can live w them. over time, i just stopped focused on my negatives, and began focusing on my positives.

chapter three: others

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stop comparing yourself to others. i know it's hard, some people just seem to have their life together and are breathtaking. but if you spend your time looking at others, when will you look at yourself. don't bash or criticize others, this will only make you feel more upset/ insecure about yourself. don't compare yourselves to others, find the beauty in them. what makes them so beautiful and unique? when you begin to focus on the good in others, the good in you is visible to others too.

chapter four: calm down

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give yourself a break. everything isn't perfect, you aren't perfect; you're human. you are going to mess up and you're going to have to face rejection; accept it and move on. i know many things are so hard to accept, but if you accept the reality and rejection life gives you before it even comes, you'll be so much more happier. so chill out, take a nap, go for a walk, and just give yourself some alone time. focus on yourself, not all the things you can't control :)

chapter five: reach out

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talk to others. go out and find people like yourself. people that'll make you feel good about yourself and people you feel alive with. i know it's hard to find people who you truly click with, but trust me, when you meet those people, you'll be so much happier. i found my closest friends about a year or two ago, and i'm so much happier. having certain people around you brings you so much sincerity and comfort.

chapter six: free yourself

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bring yourself out of your comfort zone. take yourself out of the box, and take risks. take new opportunities and adventures. i know it's nerve-wrecking to be in a new situation, especially when your doing something by yourself, but you might just find something new about yourself or a new hobby. and even if you don't like it, you'll have experienced a new thing. i did a sport, and i suck at sports; now, i run for fun and my health has improved so much.


thank you so much for reading! i truly hope that you can accept yourself and love everything you have to offer. stay safe and take care of yourself!
have a great day!

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