If I am being realistic, I would go nowhere. But hypothetically, I would move to a different country and start all over. Everyday you become consumed by the same things and it could be mentally tiring on yourself. Moving to a different country, like Japan which was on my mind, can help you rediscover yourself: likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.

Truthfully, moving to Japan is not my dream, but its someplace I do want to explore and rediscover. Their culture is wonderful from what I have seen and heard. It is completely different from the United States where we are number one in some good, but recently mostly bad. We have become the laughing stock of the country, but I will not get any deeper than that.

I would want to drown myself into a new culture and learn to appreciate their way of life. I would most certainly a keep a part of my old life here, but I will blend it with their new way of life. In a weird way, their country almost represents what the future could be if we continued to work on the right path and stop being so angry. It can be mentally tiring and running away to Japan will be like a reset button and help me breath for once.

Thank you.